Weekend Links 11.01.2014

I hope you're all having a happy and safe Halloweekend! I've been having tons of fun with costumes-- damn, if I had the money to cosplay more often, I would. But I've got priorities and right now I can't make cosplay one of them-- how sad! Anyway, here are some totally cool links for your weekend.

This collection of gifs of fluffy kittens on piggy pillows will make you squeal.

"Danse Macabre" is the spookiest of spooky songs and it's totally my jam every Halloween.

Or, maybe you prefer an Orchestral arrangement of "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Ask Polly: Should I lose weight to find love? Total must-read for anyone who's been scared of putting themselves out there because of their body.

A comic about seagulls that is really important because it's not just about seagulls.

This piece on loud sex and why you shouldn't apologize for it raises some pretty solid points.

A comic based on Kevin Smith's talk about the importance of encouraging artists.

How was your Halloween?

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