Weekend Links 11.16.2014

Sorry for skipping Weekend Links last week and for coming out with this week's late into the weekend! I had my plate full since I was recovering from illness and working with the amazing Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt for my Voice Acting class. (That's a thing!) This weekend, I helped out my cousin who broke her foot Friday night. It's pretty fortunate that we both go to the same school for a lot of reasons, but this was a shining example, especially since her roommate was gone all weekend. Here are this Sunday's links!

"The artist is a human being, not a product," Talib Kweli reminds us in his piece defending Lauryn Hill.

Science has finally shown us the precise male movements that make a guy a good dancer. Arms don't matter, so do whatever you want with those hand-ended-noodles.

The Fantasy Bond: When we start losing the "me" to the "we" our relationships fail to be awesome. Science says so.

All the stage musicals getting films: a schedule of the releases of such wonders as The Last 5 Years and Annie, and a list of stuff in production or pre-production like In The Heights (!!!), Wicked, and American Idiot.

Nikola Tesla - the most baddest of bad-ass geeks (PS- Edison is an asshole): a comic.

A really interesting piece on sexuality in evangelical Christian frameworks in America.

A victim of a peeper in her family discusses her complicated relationship of having her sexual abuser in the family. A really well-done piece that covers a lot of different aspects of this experience.

6 tips for hand-lettering. So you can make more awesome stuff.

To-do list fans will like this piece. :)

Amy Poehler's new book and why being "nice" doesn't have to be the same as being a doormat.

How Successful People Handle Toxic People.

A song for the weekend.

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