Best of Harper Honey 2014

Looking back on 2014, I've definitely grown up a lot as a person and as a blogger. One of the cool (and sometimes embarrassing) things about being a blogger is that you can look back on your past work and see where you've been. I've gathered up some of my favorite posts of 2014 right here for those who either want to look back on them, or missed them before!

How to ask smart questions at a job interview.  Interviews typically wind down with "Do you have any questions for me about the company?" Never be stumped by that questions again!

100 things to love about yourself that have nothing to do with what you look like. Because self-confidence and self-love shouldn't start and end with what you look like.

Ditching the provider for a partner. A piece about love. More specifically, how to avoid letting a good thing crumble because of gender roles.

On the Romione controversy. Remember when JK Rowling revealed that Hermione and Ron probably shouldn't have ended up together? This post is about how I think things should have ended.

Tips on not having a crappy relationship. I'm that friend that people come to for advice, so here are some tidbits of wisdom for really common issues I see.

On Abstinence. Sex-positive me talks about abstinence and how to have open, good conversations about it.

To the men who are "Not All Men". In the wake of misogynistic rampage killings, women pushing for justice were met with whines from men who argued that a gender problem didn't exist because not all men murder women. This was my response.

5 brilliant pieces of advice from Her Conference. Fail fast, recover faster, and more great advice.

A tour of my room. I had a lot of fun redesigning my room in my apartment!

Extrovert to Introvert. It's hard for extroverts to be friends with introverts sometimes because we operate of different wavelengths.

Why I left the HCBN. Leaving the Her Campus Blogger Network was one of the most necessary decisions I have ever made as a blogger. Never be afraid to leave a toxic community.

Life lessons from Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt. Celebrity voice actors Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt give some of the best advice for life ever.

Cold weather hair care. How I keep my hair lookin' fly even in the cold months!

Black Friday Masterpost. Because I love Black Friday so much.

DIY closet curtain. How to replace ugly doors with a cute curtain!

Cool charities you should check out. A round up of really cool charities I like, plus I bust some chops on organizations that aren't as good as you might think.

What were your favorite moments of 2014?


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