Black Friday Haul 2014

It's finally here, kids! My Black Friday haul! Sorry it took a while, but school comes first. I'm sharing my discounted finds from this Black Friday.

First up, my outlet finds.

I bought mulling spices and a floating mulling spice/tea infuser ball for a gift for a friend. I was able to get both because they were 40% off!

I snagged this cute cranberry-colored sweater for myself at 50% off at Loft! 

I didn't buy a ton of stuff at the Outlets this year since I was exercising some restraint because I knew I wanted to buy myself a ukulele online.

I bought Settlers of Catan, one of my favorite board games EVER, for only $32. It sounds steep, but it retails at $40 and almost never goes on sale. 

I also bought these cute Monster High UNO cards for $5. I love UNO and I've been meaning to get a deck since I was like, 7. I finally got around to it with these cute as hell Monster High Cards.

I also bought two Monster High dolls for myself-- I've wanted Monster High Dolls pretty much ever since they came out. This Black Friday, Target had a few of them for $5 (normally around $20)! I bought Ghoul Spirit Venus McFlytrap and Frankie Stein. These dolls give me life, you guys. I love the fashion and character design of Monster High Dolls so much, and the webshorts and movies are so great.

In addition, I bought the DVDs of The Wedding Singer and a Miss Congeniality 2-pack, each for $5. I didn't really like Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (I mean, just read that sub-title!) but how could I turn Miss Congeniality down at only $5? These are some of my favorite movies. I know everyone these days is all about online streaming, but Netflix really doesn't have all the movies I like, and they take stuff off of it every month to make way for new things! Plus, to me DVDs are a little like books in that if I really love a movie, I want to own it!

I got these cute lounge pants at Hot Topic. They were part of a BOGO deal so I got them 50%  after buying a plushie for a friend. They have Ariel all over them and are super warm and comfy.

 In keeping with my Disney theme, I also bought this Disney seatbelt belt to add a little whimsy to my outfits and this adorable Up necklace. it was a BOGO 50% off to the necklace got knocked to half price.

I also did a bunch of online shopping. I did end up buying myself a ukulele, as well as a DVD of Epic, and an on sale copy of Humans of New York (for about $11) which has already arrived. I'm still waiting on the ukulele and Epic thanks to a backlog at the school's post center.

I also bought a bunch of stuff from small businesses online-- gotta support small business! I'm not gonna post links to the exact items I bought, some at full price and some on sale, since most of them are gifts. But here are the shops I ordered from-- definitely check them out!

Did you buy anything fun on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

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