Harper's Holiday Wishes

As the holidays approach, I'm dreaming of the goodies that Santa might bring me. I'm a girl of simple pleasures.

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1 - Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 in Grape - The new Polaroid, basically, the Fujifilm Instax cameras are the cutest things and I'm really digging this new color! I'd love to have one of these bad boys for all my projects and get-togethers.

2 - Cute Booties with a Stacked Heel like these from TJ Maxx - I am struggling without a cute pair of boots. I have brown boots for snow, and light brown oxfords-- nothing in between. And it's killing me.

3 - Limecrime Unicorn Lipstick - It's not secret that I'm an opaque lipstick lover. It'd love LimeCrime Unicorn Lipstick in No She Didn't (pictured), Styletto, and D'Lilac.

4 - Over The Garden Wall - Okay, I've not talked about this on the blog yet, but goddamn, did I love this weird, dark, silly mystery series. It's a TV miniseries of about 10 episodes that roughly equate to the length of a feature film. It follows Wirt and Greg, two brothers trying to get home after wandering into the mysterious, dangerous, and creepy region called "The Unknown." A comic book series of OTGW is happening too and I want it really bad.

5 - Monster High Dolls - I have fallen head over heels into this fandom. I love the dolls, I love the webshorts, and the movies are surprisingly good. And of course the characters are to die for. My favorite is Twyla (pictured) but my other faves are Venus McFlytrap, Jinafire Long, Kiyomi Haunterly, Operetta, and Robecca Steam. I'm also 100% serious in saying that the Monster High movies are good-- positive messages, well done characters, and a surprising amount of ground covered, story-wise. I want dolls, DVDs, and also to live in their world. Seriously, cute clothes, magic, no laws of hair consequences to deal with... not to mention the ridiculous amount of monster puns.

What are you hoping Santa brings you this holiday season?

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