The Christmas Come-down

Happy just-after-Christmas to those who actually do Christmas things! To everyone else, happy day-people-finally-shut-up-about-Love-Actually. I hope everyone has had fun giving gifts, eating deliciousness, and hanging out with their loved ones. I hung out with my mother's side of the family and we had a Christmas lunch and gift exchange. Today I'm hanging out with my father's side of the family and probably blowing some gift cards up on sales.

I spent Christmas Eve making dumplings and then playing with my Venus McFlytrap Monster High Doll. Venus is the only doll I brought up to NoVA for the break-- she is also the most Christmassy doll I have. I love how well-articulated these dolls are because they are so fun to pose and take photos of!

I'm trying to get productive and power through the Christmas Come-down. Some things I'm doing:
Merry Christmas from your girl, Harper!

What are you doing in the lull between Christmas and New Years?

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