Weekend Links 12.06.2014

This week has been about schoolwork. And also anger and fire over the state of race and the law enforcement system in the US. As usual, I've got fun links, as well as links to help you stay woke to the state of affairs. We are lucky enough to live in a country where access to information is as available as it is, and where citizen have a shot at changing the system. Corporatization of government and other American institutions is a huge problem and a force to be reckoned with, but nonetheless, we as Americans can get educated on issues and then work to fix things, even if the playing field isn't level.

This vine tells the harrowing tale of one kid taking a test when tragedy strikes.

I fell REALLY hard into the Monster High fandom.

Is PTSD heritable? This is a really fantastic piece on research being done on PTSD and how trauma moves through generations. It's a case for marginalized people and the need to better understand their cultures and genetics to help them heal.

My #3 dream guy's top 10 tips for entrepreneurs.

The cop who took 2 seconds to shoot a 12 year old black kid with a gun he was told was fake was removed from a previous police force due to his complete incompetence with firearms. No one at St. Louis PD thought his past might be checking into before handing him a sidearm.

A police officer strangled unarmed Eric Garner to death in an illegal chokehold on video, and yet he was not indicted-- but the man who filmed the incident was.

This is a gif of a cat on a mountain goat.

Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, White Chicks, Old Spice Commercials) talks about redefining masculinity for the better.

Rolling Stone recently had to redact their controversial piece on campus rape due to some pretty boneheaded decisions to not fact-check. Here's a really good run down of the exact pieces of the story that caused them to question the integrity of the piece. I'd like to express my personal rage at the fact that this piece could have been so impactful, but the journalist's inability to fact check called her entire piece into question and now I worry that this will make more victims afraid their stories won't be believed. The point remains however, that UVa failed to adequately investigate these claims, and there are still girls on campuses getting assaulted and colleges are covering it up.

Am I wrong in thinking we have all been this cat before?

How bad cops get to keep their guns and badges. There are plenty of GREAT cops, ya'll. I wholeheartedly believe that. But there's a problem when you make it REALLY EASY to keep bad cops on the force. Communities need to be able to trust their police forces.

Peter Pan Live! did a really good job handling some of the racist source material.

You can buy an Adventure Time Terrarium from NYLON!

This amazing long-read is a must-read.

A song for the weekend. (Holy crap, I sang in choir with the female vocalist in this song! Jeez, what am I doing with my life?)

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