Weekend Links 12.20.2014

This week I finished out my exams! I'm heading back home for holiday festivities soon, and I'm excited to relax for a while and just enjoy life. Final exams represent such a dark time. I'm still not on a proper sleep schedule and my body is protesting the state of tumult it has been in. But still, I'm happy to celebrate the end of my penultimate semester. You also may have noticed a redesign of the blog. I'm gearing up to make 2015 the best year yet on Harper Honey! Please let me know what you want from me in the new year!

A lost Disney film has emerged-- and that might mean we, the public, get to feast our eyes on it!

Poem of the week: "Frats" by Jozer Guerrero

This is a fluffy harp seal with a toy fluffy harp seal.

For those trying to be productive over break, maybe you might need my guide on starting out on LinkedIn.

This dance workshop video is amazing! So much slayage.

"Nobody wanted to live in a world where Bill Cosby was a sexual predator." But he's not the only one. John Lennon, Mike Tyson, Roman Polansky-- the list goes on.

This Draculaura make-up tutorial makes me want more pink make-up immediately.

Why it's best to avoid the word "transgendered" with some helpful discussions on better words and why language matters.

Columbia students fire back against the administration doing little to help stop rape, but happy to deal out fines against anti-rape protestors.

Song for the weekend - stream it on soundcloud and download it free!

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