Weekend Links 01.31.2015

This week I kicked off my Youtube Channel! Be sure to watch and subscribe. I am having a lot of fun at school too! This weekend I'm filming a video for class, rewatching Juno, and hopefully doing laundry.

Today is the last day to sign up for the Odd Honey Swap! Read all about what it is and join in on the fun!

Probably the best, most thorough piece I've read on the issues of race and gender in Hollywood as highlighted by the 2015 Oscar noms.

We're getting a Latina Disney Princess! No movie (which I honestly think is a smart move given reactions to the highly underrated Tiana in Princess and the Frog), but she will get a full television series-- buy her merch and watch her show so that we can have more nice things!

Poem of the week: "Explaining My Depression To My Mother" by Sabrina Benaim

This amazing piece about the people behind awful internet comments from This American Life.

Yesterday was Korematsu Day in the US. Read all about Fred Korematsu's legacy in the struggle for civil rights for all Americans.

The Isidore Tarot Card Deck Second Edition is beautiful! Support the artists on indiegogo and buy your deck!

Islamophobic ads are being improved by some vandal covering them with Marvel's first female Muslim headliner, Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan!

The AV Club throws some major shade at George Lucas, and I can honestly say I WISH I were this good at biting, hilarious criticism.

Newsweek talks about ingrained sexism in Silicon Valley, and how people are struggling to turn the tide.

Björk's words of support for women in their 20s.

A photo project about showing the double lives lead by people struggling with mental illness.

A song for the weekend.

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Monster High Gloom n Bloom Venus McFlytrap Unboxing

I've uploaded another video to youtube today-- the unboxing of my Gloom n Bloom Venus McFlytrap doll! This is my first time doing an unboxing video but I hope to do more. I just got 3 Twyla dolls I'd ordered, including Haunted: Going Ghostly Twyla! Twyla and Venus are my favorite characters. I also really want a Vandala Doubloons doll because she's hands down the prettiest doll I've ever seen. But I digress, anyway, here's the video, plus some bonus post-box photos!

Venus is so pretty! I love this garden party dress. Gloom n Bloom is a fantastic line.

My two Venus McFlytraps! Ghoul Spirit and Gloom n Bloom. In the back you can also see my Frights Camera Action Honey Swamp and Ghoul Spirit Frankie Stein. And Dollar Store Monster High Valentines to send to my ghoul friends and mansters next month!

 Here's a detail of her face and top. You can also see her black vine collar detail. Venus' makeup is always on point.

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Twyla Illustration

 It's time for another installment of #harpermade, where I show you a thing that I made! Today I'm showing you guys a completed illustration I did of my favorite Monster High character, Twyla! I like her because she just really has her priorities straight and she has really cool vintage style. She's the daughter of the Boogeyman and she and her father go around capturing nightmares so kids only have good dreams! I also love her voice in the animation.

I used pencil, watercolors, micron pens, and a silver metallic pen. I had a hard time figuring out what to have her wear, but she likes wearing toned down funky cuts, bows, and peter pan collars, which I tried to incorporate.

Thanks for checking out today's harpermade with Monster High's Twyla!

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I Started a Youtube Channel!

People have been telling me to start a youtube channel forever but today is finally the day I make the plunge.

Like any American, I've been watching youtube videos for years, but I've been largely put off actively participating in youtube due to the general awfulness associated with the comments section. Many commenters are awesome and hopefully I get tons of those, but I also know that youtube is a cesspool of gross people (many of which I assume are 10 year olds looking to feel powerful, and possibly actual troglodytes) who like to comment and say gross, offensive things. I'm hoping to avoid those. Either way, I think I've matured to a point where I can handle myself when it comes to dumb comments-- I don't think 17 year old me would've been able to handle it, so I'm glad I've waited.

So here it is, the harperhoney youtube channel! This channel's gonna have different kinds of content from vlogs, to unboxings, hauls, and reviews. Maybe even tutorials on how to do stuff. That's where I hope to get-- I'm still not super comfortable when there's no one behind the camera, but I can work on that.

I'm kicking things off with a 10 Facts About Me video!

Like, comment, subscribe, whatever!

PS - Due to a school project, next week I will be uploading a likely very embarrassing video explaining why I am an excellent job candidate. True to form, it will likely be a shameless musical number. So, subscribe, kids!

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Weekend Links 01.25.2015

Hey kids! Sorry this weekend's weekend links are a late! My sister was in town, some interviews came up, and school started-- all in the last few days! (We start school on Wednesdays every semester-- weird, but it gives the weekend move-ins a chance to settle in before school starts again.) Anyway, I've been super duper productive all week. I started school, got started on some new projects, and did a lot of snail mailing! Speaking of, you guys should totally join the snail mail swap I'm running. You get to make a new friend, send a package, and get a package in the mail? And honestly, who doesn't love that? Sign ups are closing at the end of the month, so get on it! You get to know a new friend over email through the month of February, and send them a package in March-- it's super fun :) Anyway, here are your links!

Speaking of snail mail swaps, check out Veronica Varlow's International Valentine Exchange!

Girls have been lied to about friendships-- and it makes girlhood harder than it needs to be. Here are 5 Things We Need To Teach Our Girls About Friendship.

The new eating disorder you might not have heard about: orthorexia, becoming obsessed with eating "pure" healthy foods, often to the point of malnourishment, social isolation, and ridiculous levels of stress.

Poem of the week: "Say No" - Megan Falley and Olivia Gatwood.

What one man learned from wearing make-up for a week. I loved reading this piece a lot-- it's like a diary of a week where he wore increasing amounts of makeup each day.

Check out this Job Hunting Checklist for finding your next big thing!

I am selling some of my clothes on poshmark for really cheap.

Which issues Hollywood chooses to speak on or remain silent about speaks volumes. And recently, it's not been pretty.

12 Women on How To Ask for More Money at Work. Love this piece, especially since the female perspective is unique and so, so valuable.

Studies show that reading Harry Potter makes you a better person!

Song for the weekend. TW: video includes stalking and murder.

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Getting Dolled Up: Draculaura

My childhood penchant for dolls was reignited by Monster High in December. I'd been a fan of Monster High designs for a very long time, but it wasn't until December when I bought my first dolls that I really became hooked. There is a lot to love about these dolls and the associated storylines, but in the top ten is definitely my love for their outfits. Each doll has their own sense of style which I think is totally cool. Since I'm a dork for both these dolls and everyday/closet cosplays, I thought I'd start a series on how to dress like these clawsome dolls. (Another thing in my top ten faves about Monster High is the absurd number of monster puns.)

The first ghoul I wanted to do is the super sweet, tiny vampire, Draculaura.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Draculaura's the Daughter of Dracula. She's 1600 years old and terrible at keeping secrets. She's super sweet and friendly. Her style's very feminine and full of pink, bats, and hints of Victoriana. She's a well-known shopper, made possible by centuries of belonging to the Vampire Aristocracy, even though she's looked down on by other vampires for being a late-bloomer in terms of her vampire powers still not coming in and because she's dating a werewolf. A hopeless romantic, a bit of a space-cadet, and constantly struggling to get her eyeliner even, I can totally relate to Draculaura sometimes (even if her makeup woes are due to her lack of a reflection).

30s Dickie Collar / snootieseconds on etsy.

Peplum Top / H&M.

Heels by Kvoll / shupply.

Zappy Bat Necklace / Electric Sheep.

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Introducing the Odd Honey Swap!

For a long time, I've been wanting to set up a swap through my blog. Back when I was deep in the Newsies fandom, I'd set up a swap for Valentine's Day each year, so fans would get to connect with one another and get some cute goodies on Valentine's Day. It was a lot of fun and we all made friends and got some fun experiences getting mail! I wanted to bring that back, so I'm introducing a new swap, happening every other month, specifically, every odd month.

How does it work?
♥︎ Sign up by filling out this survey!
♥︎ Wait for me to email you with your partner's info.
♥︎ Chat it up with your swap partner over email!
♥︎ Put together a package for your swap partner based on the current odd honey prompt: love letters!
♥︎ Send it out to your partner by the deadline, March 7!
♥︎ Wait for your goodies in the mail.
♥︎ Enjoy & share photos on twitter and instagram using the hashtag #oddhoneyswap

So here's the deal with the prompt for March: It's love letters! The prompt includes 6 challenges to incorporate into what you send to your swap partner.

A love letter to your swap buddy, a love letter to yourself (because it's important to love yourself!), your favorite music, your favorite book, some snacks to love, and some supplies for future love letters! Do you have to write a literal love letter? No-- you can interpret these prompts however you like.

Some ideas:
♥︎ a mixtape CD of your favorite songs ♥︎ pretty envelopes ♥︎ poetry ♥︎ a playlist of songs that are basically the soundtrack of your favorite book ♥︎ some pens to write love letters with ♥︎ a collage of words that describe your cool swap partner ♥︎ a list of things you like about yourself ♥︎ a copy of your favorite book ♥︎ some snacks for your lovely swap partner to munch on ♥︎ some cute cards for love letters ♥︎ an illustration of your favorite book ♥︎ stickers! ♥︎ a link or QR code to your 8tracks playlist ♥︎ an excerpt from your favorite book ♥︎ a list of your favorite books and why ♥︎ a painting of yourself as a superhero ♥︎ washi tape and glitter ♥︎ 


♥︎ There's a $20 limit (excluding shipping) on packages.
♥︎ This swap is open internationally, and swappers in the US may choose whether or not they want to swap internationally. Higher postage rates, but you get to make a friend from another country!
♥︎ Everyone gets one swap partner and you guys are mutual swaps, meaning you have each other :)
♥︎ Be respectful of allergies and other restrictions.
♥︎ Send your package out on time!
♥︎ Be sure to use the proper amount of postage.
♥︎ If for any reason you can't follow through on the swap, contact both me and your partner immediately!
♥︎ You have to sign up for each swap separately since most people can't commit to multiple swaps at once. 

Are you ready for the Odd Honey Swap? Sign up here by January 31

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weekend links 01.17.2015

Today I'm driving back to Williamsburg, Virginia to start school up again and then doing an intense clean out. I want to get rid of all the stuff I don't need post-grad. I gotta declutter my whole life!

Please take my Readers' Survey! It closes tomorrow!

Falling in love with anyone. A really great piece on falling in love as an active process that's simple and deep.

10 ways to write better emails. Because you actually want to get stuff done!

Technology meets supervillain style: The 3D-printed spider dress.

You can now play Oregon Trail online. It was super frustrating to die after all the time and effort I'd invested in keeping supplies at decent levels, taking time to rest and feed everyone when they were ill, and jeez, I'd put some of my best buddies in that party. Then I remembered that it is a game and people actually did die from all that stuff back in the day and I felt super bratty. #FirstWorldProblems? More like #21stCenturyAmericanProblems.

A study reveals that more diverse student populations don't actually prevent racism, sexism, etc.

Bojack Horseman is really intelligent and diverse, and here the head writer explains why so much comedy is male-centric.

Finding the root of your body-image concerns.

Are you cutting clutter this month, too? You might love to make some money off it too!


A collective of women hackers and artists challenge the Post-Snowden internet and what it means for society.

You might romanticize your career aspirations, a foreign city, or a love interest-- but how often do you romanticize yourself?

Levo League's 10 books we can't wait to get their hands on in 2015.

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Romanticize Yourself!

We romanticize a lot. Jobs, cars, relationships, college, destinations, whatever. It's a function of hope and ignorance and optimism and our need to fill in the blanks. It's who we are as a human race. Romanticizing things is kind of a way of thinking goodness into reality. While it's possible to find the good in just about anything, seeing the good in things is often predicated on the belief that the good is there. So sometimes you gotta romanticize things.

Not to harp upon this too much, but I follow the more Eastern concept of truth: truth and reality are just functions of perception, and perception is fallible and imperfect. Brains are imperfect, and nothing is going to change that-- so the real goal then is to play our brains' weaknesses to our advantage. How we color our perceptions puts a lens on how we see the world and how we process its truth. We are constantly sorting through absurd amounts of information instantaneously, deeming certain things relevant and useful, and other things are unimportant. Make the wonderfulness in you relevant and useful. Romanticizing things helps us see more good in them. It helps the good manifest into our reality. It keeps us seeing the bright side of things. It gives us hope even when things get hard.

But of all the things we romanticize, of all the lenses we can forge for ourselves, I find too many people, women especially, fail to romanticize themselves. We romanticize our parents, our mentors, our lovers-- but we don't romanticize ourselves enough. When was the last time you told yourself you were a powerful warrior, or a mystical mermaid, or a sexy siren, or a straight-up genius?

Why is it so much easier to romanticize a different city or another language or even a totally boneheaded romantic interest than it is to romanticize ourselves?

I think a big part of it is that we don't feel like we have permission. We're afraid of being called arrogant, or cocky, or self-obsessed. But honestly, we're our own number one. We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others-- it's the airplane oxygen mask approach to life, and it's true. Women especially are told we have to be nurturers first, and that the community's needs and opinions are more important than our own. But who wants to be part of a community that would rather turn us into to fertilizer for their garden than give us room to let our own flowers blossom?

Thinking poorly of yourself, not giving yourself credit, only seeing your flaws-- these things don't make you modest. They make you self-destructive. We shouldn't turn a blind eye to our own faults, because that means we can never confront them, but how can we expect ourselves to be happy when we neglect the things we love about ourselves? We need to do both. We need to nurture ourselves. Modesty is not supposed to be sad. Just as another girl's beauty does not take away from yours, seeing your own does not hurt anyone else. You are a universe, you are full of contradictions and magic and you gotta believe in your ability to love yourself in addition to your struggle to be better.

So here it is: you have permission to think you're awesome. It doesn't mean you think you're better than everyone. It doesn't mean that you're selfish or that you are any less kind, or giving, or compassionate. It means that you can see good in yourself and nurture it. It means that you are the one taking control of how you feel about yourself. You don't depend on anyone for compliments. You take care of yourself. You nurture your own sense of being, and that in turn, will help you take care of others better.

So maybe sometimes you hyperbolize-- maybe your acing a test you thought you were going to flunk becomes the cognitive and emotional equivalent of climbing a goddamned mountain. Take it. Relish it. No mountaineers are going to storm in and angrily take that feeling from you. No Emotion Police are gonna bust into your home, demanding to see your emotional qualification papers certifying that the feeling exactly matched the achievement and take away the self-confidence boost it gave you through a lengthy trial process. You're allowed to feel prouder than maybe other people would, and to enjoy your victories. Feeling good about yourself shouldn't be something anyone is afraid of.

There are a lot of levels of self-love you can reach before you turn into Kanye West, so don't worry, because you're probably not anywhere near that. Even I feel like I'm slightly narcissistic and I'm no where near Kanye. (I'm probably right about at Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project levels of absurd self confidence hedged with a sporadic overwhelming fear of not being fully appreciated.)

All that said, I'm not going to force you to think you're awesome. This is not a mandate. Thinking you're awesome can be really hard. You probably actually are awesome, because you read my site which means you probably have good taste (check out that slight narcissism) and because as a person in general, just wanting to do better makes you awesome. But if you don't think you're awesome, maybe because you're depressed or you're going through a rough patch in your life (puberty is a big one) or because you have not had your coffee today, it's still okay. You're not incompetent just because it's hard for you to see good in yourself. All this is is me telling you that you have permission to think you're awesome, and doing so will help you see more good.

There are lots of things about you that you probably forgot are totally awesome. Find those things again. Nurture them. Respect yourself for them. Celebrate yourself for them. Don't sell yourself short, don't let wanting to be grounded in reality drag you down. There are plenty of people in the world who will give you a reality check if you need it-- that's what friends are for. There are others who will drag you down, devalue your gifts, and whisper cruelties in your ear. Don't be one of them.

Need a jumpstart to romanticizing yourself a bit? Here are some starter exercises:

Think of one of your heroes. Beyoncé, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michael Giacchino, Peeta Mellark, whomever. Now write down the things you like about them. Think of their traits rather than their achievements. Circle the ones that you have, too, even if they have tons more of it than you do-- there's always room to grow! See all those things you circled? Boom, you're just like your hero.

Imagine yourself as a superhero or a mythical being. You are basically yourself, amplified. You've got awesome powers that are basically intensified versions of things you already are: good with numbers, quick on your feet, strong, good at knowing how to comfort others. Draw that version of yourself, or just visualize it. Remind yourself that you are magic (or radioactive-- your backstory is your business)!

Tell yourself how awesome you are. This is important! Loving yourself takes practice! Celebrate your victories, not just with a cupcake or new pair of shoes, but an acknowledgement of your own ability and achievement. Write down the things you like about yourself. Keep a list. Put it by your mirror to read as you brush your teeth.

Don't forget to take my Readers' Survey! It closes Sunday.

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Harper Watched: The Muslims Are Coming!

Today's Harper Watched is about a documentary you can find on Netflix called The Muslims Are Coming!  I'd seen a trailer for this a while ago and I've been wanting to watch it ever since. As a fan of comedy and also not-being-a-dick and its subcategory, not-being-islamophobic, I was super excited to see a film about Muslim-American comedians taking on ignorance through laughter.

This film made me really happy on a lot of levels. First of all, the comics are all very talented, so at its baseline, The Muslims Are Coming! is really funny because it's full of funny people. Secondly, the film was really about engaging with people. The film is about this comedy tour that a group of Muslim comedians went on through what we in the south refer to as "The Bible Belt." Their goal was to visit parts of the country where Islam was likely misunderstood or never really encountered outside of a terror-related-headline context. They did stand-up comedy shows that helped people in these communities understand Muslims in a real-life non-extremist context. Thirdly, it didn't shy away from conflict, and I appreciate that. Whether it was confronting the realities of Islamophobic reactions the comedians faced, or addressing points of contention within the Muslim community like issues of racism and sexism.

There was a great cast involved in this film, including the comedians themselves as well as religious scholars, Imams, and other comedians and intellectuals like Jon Stewart (whom I claim as a fellow William & Mary graduate at every opportunity), Soledad O'Brien, and Rachel Maddow. They really helped provide a well-rounded discussion about Islam and Islamophobia in America.

Here's a trailer for your viewing pleasure:

This movie is great because it's not about projecting one idea of what Islam is-- it's about showing that just like with any other group in America, there's a lot of diversity. From the Muslim who is very by-the-book and strict in their beliefs, to the Muslim who is less concerned with tradition, to the Muslim who is half-Italian Catholic, this film doesn't work to erase any of those identities, but instead, promote the idea that there are so many different kinds of Muslims and they're really not all that different from anyone else.

Harper's Rating: 4.5 / 5
Grappling with Islamophobia and intolerance
Great, intelligent discourse
Also, great, sarcastic discourse
Voices of Muslim-Americans being raised to share their own experiences
Sharing and spreading a better understanding of our fellow Americans
Pretty well-done documentary
Not a terrible heavy watch
Not really any.

Check out The Muslims Are Coming! on Netflix!

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Book Review: The Happy Handmade Home

The team behind the powerhouse blog A Beautiful Mess put together a book about creating a happy, DIY, art-and-craftsy, unique home called The Happy Handmade Home. I got a copy for free to review from Blogging for Books and was excited to check it out! I've been a fan of Elsie and Emma's blog for years and I'm always so inspired by their photography and projects!

I really loved this book. It really captured why I fell in love with the blog in terms of the home projects. The photography is gorgeous and the book touches on so many aspects of creating a home. I've been watching HGTV and the like since I was in diapers, my parents DIYers themselves so this book was a thrill. The sensibility is not about looking super expensive or ornate-- it's more about being fun and colorful and bold, which really appealed to me.

One of the things I like about this book is that it's not just about aesthetics. There are a lot of times when I read books about design that are about what colors are in, and which textures are more appropriate for which climate. This book isn't about telling you what's cool, nor is it about telling you what kind of look is the right look. It's about giving you a zillion ideas to build off of. Reject A and B, but try C, and do your own spin on D. The introduction is super helpful-- I know a lot of people might bee super giddy about getting right on into the ideas and projects, but Elsie and Emma talk about how to really get the most out of the book. They talk about the importance of planning a space with your lifestyle, personality, and style in mind, and give great tips on how to find who you are and what your space should feel like before you dive into their ideas.

Along with photo inspiration and project tutorials and ideas, this book has great tips for party planning, recipes, organizational hints, and more. They cover a broad expanse of topics from DIY furniture, refurbishing/restyling furniture, organization, upholstery, and even bartending.

If you're looking for some ideas for a home-- a dream home or your current space-- check out this book. It's a great read and really gets your ideas flowing.

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Weekend Links 01.10.2015

I spent the week in New York doing some networking, eating great food, and catching up with so many friends! I go back to school next week so I'm trying to get all my sleep in while I can. I'm also planning a big purge of my stuff as I inch toward graduation and moving. Things are getting so real.

Before you delve into all the delicious links I've rounded up, take my reader survey!

I am so excited for this cartoon, Star vs The Force of Evil!! #MagicalGirlSquad

Brilliant piece for people of every gender and state of "will I or won't I decide to be a parent" on what a former clerk learned about stay-at-home-dad-ing from Ruth Bader Ginsburg (the Notorious RBG)

Erica of Coming Up Roses gives you tips on how to actually stick to a budget + a giveaway!

A quick comic about optimism.

Poem of the week: "Trans/National" - Janani Balasubramanian

Yes, even nerds and intellectuals can be sexist. Listen to the crap a blonde woman attending MIT  hears.

Use the Top 5 Method to help you work through your to-do list.

Crystals + Florals. No wait, it's actually a crystal that looks like flowers. This deserves a special spot in the magical girl pantheon.

I'm lusting over the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck. I want to get into Tarot, but since I'm graduating I'm trying to focus more on getting rid of stuff than getting it.

This list of a bunch of free PDF books on gender, race, and class is amazing. Get your social critique and contemplation on.

In the mediastorm that was The Interview, North Korean voices were overwhelmingly absent. Here's what a North Korean defector thought of the film.

I'm totally a sucker for a paper/stationery store. I spent two hours at Paper Presentation last time I was in New York.

A song for the weekend. (I wish my life were as fun as this video/scene looks.)

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January To - Dos

Welcome to 2015, everyone! Whether your 2014 sucked or was amazing (or maybe a bit of both) you have a fresh start this year. This January, let's get re-centered and prepare to move forward in a great direction.

Make some resolutions. Don't have any goals for this year yet? It's not too late to figure some out. Think about setting goals for your health, your finances, your mind, etc. Make sure they are specific enough for you to act on-- you can't reach success if you haven't given yourself an idea of what it looks like!

De-clutter. Donate, throw away, or destroy the things you don't need in your life. Clothes you don't wear anymore? Donate it. Random papers piled on your desk? Throw it away. Photos with the ex who cheated on you? DESTROY THEM. Burning stuff is really therapeutic. Getting rid of stuff is really freeing and hit helps make room in your life for the new things coming your way.

Clear your facebook friends list. (Maybe your twitter and instagram follows, too.) De-cluttering your space is important but so is de-cluttering your friends list. A lot of information is shared about and between us all online, and whether your want to keep your information out of other people's feeds, or you want to save them the trouble of worrying about whether or not to delete your from theirs, clearing your friends list can help you feel so liberated! You have the right to delete whomever you want-- whether it's because someone deeply hurt you or another friend, or because they just won't stop sending you Candy Crush Requests. Looking for an intermediate step? Unfollow them from your feed so they still have friend status without showing up in your feed. You can also customize the settings on your status updates so certain people can't see them.

Find ways to carve out a relaxing, happy space. Whether it's your bedroom, or a corner of the living room, or just an optimized layout of a table at Panera, create a space you can go to that makes you happy. It can be used as a mini-vacation, a no-guilt zone, or an inspiring place to get work done.

Update your productivity playlist. You know, the playlist you have going when you're blogging, or cleaning, or doing the dishes. Update it to make sure it doesn't get boring or stale. Now you can jam as you keep moving forward!

What are your January to-dos?

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Weekend Links 01.03.2014

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to 2015! Right now I'm in New York, trying to learn more about the industries I'm hoping to work in. I'm also reconnecting with some friends and generally get prepared for the life I'm hoping to lead post-grad. Anyway, here are your weekend links!

If you are not excited for Galavant, GET. EXCITED. NOW! It's going down on Sunday on ABC. A 4-night musical comedy extravaganza with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater that's equal parts Monty Python and The Princess Bride.

Trangender teen Leelah Alcorn committed suicide because of the way she was treated as a transwoman-- but her suicide note is a rallying cry to do better for transpeople.

45 Quick Changes That Will Get Your Resume Noticed. Ps. The Muse is one of my fave career sites.

Don't forget to check out my round up of my best posts of 2014!

A little terrifying, a little funny, and totally fascinating: an artist receives submissions of people's deep dark fears-- silly, gory, and ridiculous-- and illustrates them.

He broke it off a week before her wedding. She refused to let it destroy her and instead had an amazing photoshoot.

Gala Darling's Best of 2014 is the shit. Her blog in general is amazing so definitely subscribe.

You wanna get real about racism in the police force? Ask black cops.

My friend Anne is studying animation so she can join the media industry and create positive role models for young girls! She needs your help to win tuition money, so vote for her and support female makers and girl-positive cartoons!

Poem of the Week: "Heels" by Imani Cezanne

On Tauriel's character getting screwed over.

A really eye-opening read: How To Uphold White-Supremacy Through Liberalism.

6 Money Myths Plaguing Millennials - Don't fall into these traps!

Don't forget about my reader survey!

A song for the weekend.

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Harper's New Year's Resolution 2015

It's that time of year again: time to re-evaluate and figure out where you want to be. I try to be specific and realistic about my goals. That helps them actually be achieved. I think the hardest things will be creating the habits I want to make. Once they're made though, hopefully they'll be here to stay. Here are my goals for 2015.


Graduate. I wanna get my degree and move on to the next thing!
Get a job. full-time, salaried, and doing the stuff I love for a company I believe in.
Move to New York. I am a little bit scared about this, but I am really diving in head-first with this. I think there are a lot of cities I could be happy in, but I want to live in New York, and I realize I'd much rather move out of it later than try to move into it.


Eat 1 vegetarian dish or salad everyday. This is in an effort to really improve my health, decrease my ecological footprint, and lose weight. I suck at eating less food than I want (which fluctuates between not wanting a lot to wanting everything!) so my goal is to just shift a decent portion of my diet from meat and sweets toward veggies!
Moisturize everyday. I am so good about moisturizing my hair and so lazy about moisturizing my skin. I need to be better about this.
Get a normal sleep schedule. Anyone who has known me knows that my sleep patterns are a little odd. Even for a college student. I want to sleep like a normal human again!
Take my vitamins everyday. I forget more often than I should to take all my vitamins.


Put $1k in a ROTH IRA. It's a good starter fund.
Put $1k toward a gift for my grandparents. I hope to be able to contribute to something nice for my grandparents.
Set and keep a budget. I feel like I'm bad at using a budget to tell my money where to go-- it's usually just an estimate of where I think the money will go. I also struggle with remembering to factor in occasional expenses like birthday gifts and such.

Overall, I want to move forward with my life and in general, be a better adult. What are your resolutions for 2015?

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