Book Review: The Happy Handmade Home

The team behind the powerhouse blog A Beautiful Mess put together a book about creating a happy, DIY, art-and-craftsy, unique home called The Happy Handmade Home. I got a copy for free to review from Blogging for Books and was excited to check it out! I've been a fan of Elsie and Emma's blog for years and I'm always so inspired by their photography and projects!

I really loved this book. It really captured why I fell in love with the blog in terms of the home projects. The photography is gorgeous and the book touches on so many aspects of creating a home. I've been watching HGTV and the like since I was in diapers, my parents DIYers themselves so this book was a thrill. The sensibility is not about looking super expensive or ornate-- it's more about being fun and colorful and bold, which really appealed to me.

One of the things I like about this book is that it's not just about aesthetics. There are a lot of times when I read books about design that are about what colors are in, and which textures are more appropriate for which climate. This book isn't about telling you what's cool, nor is it about telling you what kind of look is the right look. It's about giving you a zillion ideas to build off of. Reject A and B, but try C, and do your own spin on D. The introduction is super helpful-- I know a lot of people might bee super giddy about getting right on into the ideas and projects, but Elsie and Emma talk about how to really get the most out of the book. They talk about the importance of planning a space with your lifestyle, personality, and style in mind, and give great tips on how to find who you are and what your space should feel like before you dive into their ideas.

Along with photo inspiration and project tutorials and ideas, this book has great tips for party planning, recipes, organizational hints, and more. They cover a broad expanse of topics from DIY furniture, refurbishing/restyling furniture, organization, upholstery, and even bartending.

If you're looking for some ideas for a home-- a dream home or your current space-- check out this book. It's a great read and really gets your ideas flowing.


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