Getting Dolled Up: Draculaura

My childhood penchant for dolls was reignited by Monster High in December. I'd been a fan of Monster High designs for a very long time, but it wasn't until December when I bought my first dolls that I really became hooked. There is a lot to love about these dolls and the associated storylines, but in the top ten is definitely my love for their outfits. Each doll has their own sense of style which I think is totally cool. Since I'm a dork for both these dolls and everyday/closet cosplays, I thought I'd start a series on how to dress like these clawsome dolls. (Another thing in my top ten faves about Monster High is the absurd number of monster puns.)

The first ghoul I wanted to do is the super sweet, tiny vampire, Draculaura.

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Draculaura's the Daughter of Dracula. She's 1600 years old and terrible at keeping secrets. She's super sweet and friendly. Her style's very feminine and full of pink, bats, and hints of Victoriana. She's a well-known shopper, made possible by centuries of belonging to the Vampire Aristocracy, even though she's looked down on by other vampires for being a late-bloomer in terms of her vampire powers still not coming in and because she's dating a werewolf. A hopeless romantic, a bit of a space-cadet, and constantly struggling to get her eyeliner even, I can totally relate to Draculaura sometimes (even if her makeup woes are due to her lack of a reflection).

30s Dickie Collar / snootieseconds on etsy.

Peplum Top / H&M.

Heels by Kvoll / shupply.

Zappy Bat Necklace / Electric Sheep.



  1. Super cute! I love the outfit, especially the collar. I have been eyeing the Ever After High dolls...glad to know I'm not the only one geeks out over this sort of thing!

  2. I love the Ever After High webseries, but I think the dolls themselves are not my style-- which honestly is a good thing because I'd just be handing over my money constantly. I love Monster high so so so much! I hope your doll adventures go well :) Mine have been really fun!

  3. I love this! That Bat necklace is cute!
    Omg though, those dolls are addicting! I can't stop collecting them!

  4. This outfit is so cute and I love those shoes!! I have so many dolls and one of the ones I wanted is on sale at Target and I'm trying not to buy it! Do you have any of the SDCC releases?

  5. Omg me neither-- I bought 3 more of them this week! :O

  6. No :( I only got into collecting this December and I'm trying to be really good about not blowing TOO much of my money on them since I'm still a student. But someday when I have lots of money, I dream of having TONS of these!