Harper's New Year's Resolution 2015

It's that time of year again: time to re-evaluate and figure out where you want to be. I try to be specific and realistic about my goals. That helps them actually be achieved. I think the hardest things will be creating the habits I want to make. Once they're made though, hopefully they'll be here to stay. Here are my goals for 2015.


Graduate. I wanna get my degree and move on to the next thing!
Get a job. full-time, salaried, and doing the stuff I love for a company I believe in.
Move to New York. I am a little bit scared about this, but I am really diving in head-first with this. I think there are a lot of cities I could be happy in, but I want to live in New York, and I realize I'd much rather move out of it later than try to move into it.


Eat 1 vegetarian dish or salad everyday. This is in an effort to really improve my health, decrease my ecological footprint, and lose weight. I suck at eating less food than I want (which fluctuates between not wanting a lot to wanting everything!) so my goal is to just shift a decent portion of my diet from meat and sweets toward veggies!
Moisturize everyday. I am so good about moisturizing my hair and so lazy about moisturizing my skin. I need to be better about this.
Get a normal sleep schedule. Anyone who has known me knows that my sleep patterns are a little odd. Even for a college student. I want to sleep like a normal human again!
Take my vitamins everyday. I forget more often than I should to take all my vitamins.


Put $1k in a ROTH IRA. It's a good starter fund.
Put $1k toward a gift for my grandparents. I hope to be able to contribute to something nice for my grandparents.
Set and keep a budget. I feel like I'm bad at using a budget to tell my money where to go-- it's usually just an estimate of where I think the money will go. I also struggle with remembering to factor in occasional expenses like birthday gifts and such.

Overall, I want to move forward with my life and in general, be a better adult. What are your resolutions for 2015?


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