I Started a Youtube Channel!

People have been telling me to start a youtube channel forever but today is finally the day I make the plunge.

Like any American, I've been watching youtube videos for years, but I've been largely put off actively participating in youtube due to the general awfulness associated with the comments section. Many commenters are awesome and hopefully I get tons of those, but I also know that youtube is a cesspool of gross people (many of which I assume are 10 year olds looking to feel powerful, and possibly actual troglodytes) who like to comment and say gross, offensive things. I'm hoping to avoid those. Either way, I think I've matured to a point where I can handle myself when it comes to dumb comments-- I don't think 17 year old me would've been able to handle it, so I'm glad I've waited.

So here it is, the harperhoney youtube channel! This channel's gonna have different kinds of content from vlogs, to unboxings, hauls, and reviews. Maybe even tutorials on how to do stuff. That's where I hope to get-- I'm still not super comfortable when there's no one behind the camera, but I can work on that.

I'm kicking things off with a 10 Facts About Me video!

Like, comment, subscribe, whatever!

PS - Due to a school project, next week I will be uploading a likely very embarrassing video explaining why I am an excellent job candidate. True to form, it will likely be a shameless musical number. So, subscribe, kids!


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