January To - Dos

Welcome to 2015, everyone! Whether your 2014 sucked or was amazing (or maybe a bit of both) you have a fresh start this year. This January, let's get re-centered and prepare to move forward in a great direction.

Make some resolutions. Don't have any goals for this year yet? It's not too late to figure some out. Think about setting goals for your health, your finances, your mind, etc. Make sure they are specific enough for you to act on-- you can't reach success if you haven't given yourself an idea of what it looks like!

De-clutter. Donate, throw away, or destroy the things you don't need in your life. Clothes you don't wear anymore? Donate it. Random papers piled on your desk? Throw it away. Photos with the ex who cheated on you? DESTROY THEM. Burning stuff is really therapeutic. Getting rid of stuff is really freeing and hit helps make room in your life for the new things coming your way.

Clear your facebook friends list. (Maybe your twitter and instagram follows, too.) De-cluttering your space is important but so is de-cluttering your friends list. A lot of information is shared about and between us all online, and whether your want to keep your information out of other people's feeds, or you want to save them the trouble of worrying about whether or not to delete your from theirs, clearing your friends list can help you feel so liberated! You have the right to delete whomever you want-- whether it's because someone deeply hurt you or another friend, or because they just won't stop sending you Candy Crush Requests. Looking for an intermediate step? Unfollow them from your feed so they still have friend status without showing up in your feed. You can also customize the settings on your status updates so certain people can't see them.

Find ways to carve out a relaxing, happy space. Whether it's your bedroom, or a corner of the living room, or just an optimized layout of a table at Panera, create a space you can go to that makes you happy. It can be used as a mini-vacation, a no-guilt zone, or an inspiring place to get work done.

Update your productivity playlist. You know, the playlist you have going when you're blogging, or cleaning, or doing the dishes. Update it to make sure it doesn't get boring or stale. Now you can jam as you keep moving forward!

What are your January to-dos?


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