Twyla Illustration

 It's time for another installment of #harpermade, where I show you a thing that I made! Today I'm showing you guys a completed illustration I did of my favorite Monster High character, Twyla! I like her because she just really has her priorities straight and she has really cool vintage style. She's the daughter of the Boogeyman and she and her father go around capturing nightmares so kids only have good dreams! I also love her voice in the animation.

I used pencil, watercolors, micron pens, and a silver metallic pen. I had a hard time figuring out what to have her wear, but she likes wearing toned down funky cuts, bows, and peter pan collars, which I tried to incorporate.

Thanks for checking out today's harpermade with Monster High's Twyla!



  1. Very cool. I love art. How can I get you to draw a picture of me?

  2. Thanks Dominique! I honestly am terrible at likenesses though so I rarely draw real people-- they don't look like themselves and I feel awful about it.

  3. Twyla is one of my favorites too!