Weekend Links 01.03.2014

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to 2015! Right now I'm in New York, trying to learn more about the industries I'm hoping to work in. I'm also reconnecting with some friends and generally get prepared for the life I'm hoping to lead post-grad. Anyway, here are your weekend links!

If you are not excited for Galavant, GET. EXCITED. NOW! It's going down on Sunday on ABC. A 4-night musical comedy extravaganza with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater that's equal parts Monty Python and The Princess Bride.

Trangender teen Leelah Alcorn committed suicide because of the way she was treated as a transwoman-- but her suicide note is a rallying cry to do better for transpeople.

45 Quick Changes That Will Get Your Resume Noticed. Ps. The Muse is one of my fave career sites.

Don't forget to check out my round up of my best posts of 2014!

A little terrifying, a little funny, and totally fascinating: an artist receives submissions of people's deep dark fears-- silly, gory, and ridiculous-- and illustrates them.

He broke it off a week before her wedding. She refused to let it destroy her and instead had an amazing photoshoot.

Gala Darling's Best of 2014 is the shit. Her blog in general is amazing so definitely subscribe.

You wanna get real about racism in the police force? Ask black cops.

My friend Anne is studying animation so she can join the media industry and create positive role models for young girls! She needs your help to win tuition money, so vote for her and support female makers and girl-positive cartoons!

Poem of the Week: "Heels" by Imani Cezanne

On Tauriel's character getting screwed over.

A really eye-opening read: How To Uphold White-Supremacy Through Liberalism.

6 Money Myths Plaguing Millennials - Don't fall into these traps!

Don't forget about my reader survey!

A song for the weekend.


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