Weekend Links 01.10.2015

I spent the week in New York doing some networking, eating great food, and catching up with so many friends! I go back to school next week so I'm trying to get all my sleep in while I can. I'm also planning a big purge of my stuff as I inch toward graduation and moving. Things are getting so real.

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I am so excited for this cartoon, Star vs The Force of Evil!! #MagicalGirlSquad

Brilliant piece for people of every gender and state of "will I or won't I decide to be a parent" on what a former clerk learned about stay-at-home-dad-ing from Ruth Bader Ginsburg (the Notorious RBG)

Erica of Coming Up Roses gives you tips on how to actually stick to a budget + a giveaway!

A quick comic about optimism.

Poem of the week: "Trans/National" - Janani Balasubramanian

Yes, even nerds and intellectuals can be sexist. Listen to the crap a blonde woman attending MIT  hears.

Use the Top 5 Method to help you work through your to-do list.

Crystals + Florals. No wait, it's actually a crystal that looks like flowers. This deserves a special spot in the magical girl pantheon.

I'm lusting over the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck. I want to get into Tarot, but since I'm graduating I'm trying to focus more on getting rid of stuff than getting it.

This list of a bunch of free PDF books on gender, race, and class is amazing. Get your social critique and contemplation on.

In the mediastorm that was The Interview, North Korean voices were overwhelmingly absent. Here's what a North Korean defector thought of the film.

I'm totally a sucker for a paper/stationery store. I spent two hours at Paper Presentation last time I was in New York.

A song for the weekend. (I wish my life were as fun as this video/scene looks.)


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