weekend links 01.17.2015

Today I'm driving back to Williamsburg, Virginia to start school up again and then doing an intense clean out. I want to get rid of all the stuff I don't need post-grad. I gotta declutter my whole life!

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Falling in love with anyone. A really great piece on falling in love as an active process that's simple and deep.

10 ways to write better emails. Because you actually want to get stuff done!

Technology meets supervillain style: The 3D-printed spider dress.

You can now play Oregon Trail online. It was super frustrating to die after all the time and effort I'd invested in keeping supplies at decent levels, taking time to rest and feed everyone when they were ill, and jeez, I'd put some of my best buddies in that party. Then I remembered that it is a game and people actually did die from all that stuff back in the day and I felt super bratty. #FirstWorldProblems? More like #21stCenturyAmericanProblems.

A study reveals that more diverse student populations don't actually prevent racism, sexism, etc.

Bojack Horseman is really intelligent and diverse, and here the head writer explains why so much comedy is male-centric.

Finding the root of your body-image concerns.

Are you cutting clutter this month, too? You might love to make some money off it too!


A collective of women hackers and artists challenge the Post-Snowden internet and what it means for society.

You might romanticize your career aspirations, a foreign city, or a love interest-- but how often do you romanticize yourself?

Levo League's 10 books we can't wait to get their hands on in 2015.


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