Weekend Links 01.25.2015

Hey kids! Sorry this weekend's weekend links are a late! My sister was in town, some interviews came up, and school started-- all in the last few days! (We start school on Wednesdays every semester-- weird, but it gives the weekend move-ins a chance to settle in before school starts again.) Anyway, I've been super duper productive all week. I started school, got started on some new projects, and did a lot of snail mailing! Speaking of, you guys should totally join the snail mail swap I'm running. You get to make a new friend, send a package, and get a package in the mail? And honestly, who doesn't love that? Sign ups are closing at the end of the month, so get on it! You get to know a new friend over email through the month of February, and send them a package in March-- it's super fun :) Anyway, here are your links!

Speaking of snail mail swaps, check out Veronica Varlow's International Valentine Exchange!

Girls have been lied to about friendships-- and it makes girlhood harder than it needs to be. Here are 5 Things We Need To Teach Our Girls About Friendship.

The new eating disorder you might not have heard about: orthorexia, becoming obsessed with eating "pure" healthy foods, often to the point of malnourishment, social isolation, and ridiculous levels of stress.

Poem of the week: "Say No" - Megan Falley and Olivia Gatwood.

What one man learned from wearing make-up for a week. I loved reading this piece a lot-- it's like a diary of a week where he wore increasing amounts of makeup each day.

Check out this Job Hunting Checklist for finding your next big thing!

I am selling some of my clothes on poshmark for really cheap.

Which issues Hollywood chooses to speak on or remain silent about speaks volumes. And recently, it's not been pretty.

12 Women on How To Ask for More Money at Work. Love this piece, especially since the female perspective is unique and so, so valuable.

Studies show that reading Harry Potter makes you a better person!

Song for the weekend. TW: video includes stalking and murder.


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