Weekend Links 01.31.2015

This week I kicked off my Youtube Channel! Be sure to watch and subscribe. I am having a lot of fun at school too! This weekend I'm filming a video for class, rewatching Juno, and hopefully doing laundry.

Today is the last day to sign up for the Odd Honey Swap! Read all about what it is and join in on the fun!

Probably the best, most thorough piece I've read on the issues of race and gender in Hollywood as highlighted by the 2015 Oscar noms.

We're getting a Latina Disney Princess! No movie (which I honestly think is a smart move given reactions to the highly underrated Tiana in Princess and the Frog), but she will get a full television series-- buy her merch and watch her show so that we can have more nice things!

Poem of the week: "Explaining My Depression To My Mother" by Sabrina Benaim

This amazing piece about the people behind awful internet comments from This American Life.

Yesterday was Korematsu Day in the US. Read all about Fred Korematsu's legacy in the struggle for civil rights for all Americans.

The Isidore Tarot Card Deck Second Edition is beautiful! Support the artists on indiegogo and buy your deck!

Islamophobic ads are being improved by some vandal covering them with Marvel's first female Muslim headliner, Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan!

The AV Club throws some major shade at George Lucas, and I can honestly say I WISH I were this good at biting, hilarious criticism.

Newsweek talks about ingrained sexism in Silicon Valley, and how people are struggling to turn the tide.

Björk's words of support for women in their 20s.

A photo project about showing the double lives lead by people struggling with mental illness.

A song for the weekend.


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