Monster High Unboxing - Haunted Twyla!

I've done another unboxing for youtube! This most recent video is for Haunted Twyla, my favorite character from Monster High.

The other Haunted Doll that I forgot (which my roommate will kill me for) is River Styxx!

I really love this new doll and I am so excited for the movie, which is coming out on March 25 on DVD. You can preorder Monster High: Haunted  right now!

I love the visual direction that this doll line took on, from the floaty fashion, to the chains, to the sculptural stand that's so tall your Haunted doll floats in mid-air!

Twyla is a super cool character. You can check her character out in the Monster High movie 13 Wishes which is the movie where she really makes her debut.

Want to buy a Haunted doll yourself? Get one from amazon!
Also, if anyone has hints and tips for maintaining and styling Monster high Doll hair, comment below!
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