Weekend Links 02.28.2015

This week has been a time for coping with the aftermath of a snow day. My classes are recalibrating their schedules and I'm trying to start getting ahead.

She read only books written by people of color for a year. This is what she learned.

Poem of the week: "Tell Me Again How You Don't See Color" - Marshall Gillson

These ladies got stuck at SFO airport for an extended period of time and decided to dance it out.

This cosmetics line is cruelty free, swatched on different skin tones (POC REJOICE) and everything is $5. 

A list of the new arrivals and farewells on netflix in March. (We're getting 3 Monster High movies including the all new Haunted on March 10, but we're losing seasons 1-4 of Adventure Time)

El Museo del Prado in Madrid opened an art exhibit for the visually impaired and blind


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