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5 Fandom Friday

It's been ages since I've done 5 Fandom Friday, but I'm trying to get back on track! Brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick! Today's #Fandom5 is all about fictional BFFs. Everyone has them, especially if you are a geek. You by default have intense love of fictional characters, right?

Before we begin, I'd like to clarify that these are fictional characters who I could totally be best friends with, but not characters who I really identify with/as. I'm one of those people who totally loves myself and loves characters like myself, but probably could not be friends with them. I love Mindy Lahiri, but could I actually be friends with her? Probably not. I need friends who keep me grounded, not one who enables and encourages my ridiculousness, constantly pushing me to test the limits of my wallet and my stomach capacity. 

Rose Tyler. You guys, Rose is such a great character. I know that the Doctor's companions always stir up a ton of debate, especially over who qualifies as good and who doesn't, but seriously, Rose is such a wonderful person. A war-torn Doctor whisks her away to a new life of adventure and he's constantly making the hard choices that are necessary to save the world. Rose is the character who puts the sunshine back into him, not because she's a flimsy trope of the forever-fixing-men type of woman, but because she's just a spunky gal and her love of life and her belief in humanity is just that infectious. She's the type of girl who makes you a better person, not through lectures or long tearful speeches, but just by being by your side. Who isn't about a friend like that?

Olive Snook. This peppy, romantically frustrated, spunky blonde from Pushing Daisies is such a great ride-or-die chick. And I'm all about ride-or-die friends. Olive and I would probably talk about romantic daydreams all the time and do emotional musical numbers brought into the world by the sheer intensity of our feelings. And also have some pretty snappy things to say together. I think we can all relate to her unrequited devotion to a romantic interest (especially when said interest is Lee Pace)!

Alexia Tarabotti. If you've not looked into the Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger (beginning with Soulless) you gotta do it. Living in a steampunk, fantasy style England, Alexia is quite heavily frowned upon by society. The heavier set, darker-skinned daughter of a now-dead Italian father, still unmarried (god forbid!), mouthy Alexia is not what anyone wants her to be. Even more than that, she is a preternatural in a world of mortals and supernaturals. Where mortals can become supernatural, like a vampire or a werewolf, if they have enough "soul" to survive the transformation, Alexia is soulless. Even more than that, she is seen as a threat to supernaturals, because if they make physical contact with her, they become mortal for the duration of the contact. Thus, preternaturals are seen as the enemy, or at least polar opposite, of supernaturals who are quite well-regarded in this Victorian England, with vampires serving as astute politicians and much of the nobility and werewolves fulling out the distinguished military ranks. Still Alexia doesn't take any crap from anyone and she becomes a heroine because she refuses to give up her agency in any sense. Bad-ass.
Twyla from Monster High
(c/o Mattel)
Twyla. I've mentioned my love of Twyla before, but seriously, I love her character. Out of all the characters in Monster High (and believe me, there are plenty) she's the realest, most down to earth person, who really has her priorities in order. She's super chill, she knows that friendship is the most important thing, and that real friends support who she is and encourage her to grow, not compromise who she is (or who they are). 

Stargirl Caraway. This character is one that I both heavily identify with and could be friends with. If you haven't read the book Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli, do it immediately. It's one of the books that changed my life. Stargirl is totally weird and totally fulfilled. She is so odd and yet so happy with who she is, despite everyone around her gawking and making fun of her because she is so different. She was a role model to me when I grew up and I still think we could get along really well together.

Who are your fictional BFFs?

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