Harper's Birthday Wishlist

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I'm turning 22 on Easter this year! I'm pretty excited because I love birthdays. Honestly, I love pretty much any occasion to make a day special and be extra ridiculous. Awards shows, holidays, fake holidays, even big sale weekends are really exciting to me. Because I'm a ridiculous girl, and I like to do ridiculous things. In fact, my little brother (from-another-mother) and I are having a joint birthday party with costumes because we both love dressing up!

1 // Once on DVD - I literally have no excuse as to why I do not have this on DVD. I need this so badly. I love the film, I love the music, and I love the musical. I mean honestly, I think everyone should see this film and see it on stage if they ever have the chance-- it's absolutely phenomenal. I need it in my DVD collection immediately.

2 // LSP Sweet Eyes Cardigan - Cute 3/4 sleeve sweaters are the best. Plus, I think we could all use more LSP in our lives. We do, in fact, want those lumps.

3 // Glitterbug by The Wombats - If you've been clicking through to my songs for the weekend in the weekend links posts I do, you've probably noticed that I really love the new stuff The Wombats have been coming out with. I'm really excited for this new album, and it's being released so close to my birthday!

4 // Ginger Breadhouse - While ya'll know I am a huge fan of Monster High dolls, I've also had my eye on Ever After High. I love the webseries and mini movies, but I'm not as crazy about the dolls as I am about the Monster High doll line. The one exception is Ginger, because she is so unbelievably cute. I think magical-candy-princess-witch-entrepreneur is like, pretty much my aesthetic, and that's exactly who Ginger is-- She's the daughter of the evil candy witch in the Hansel and Gretel story, but all she wants to do is have a baking business!

5 // Storytelling Showstopper Dress in Goldenrod - Goldenrod and mustard-y colors are great. I feel like this dress would be great in almost all the seasons-- it's a little too warm for summer. I like where the waist falls and all the design aspects like the pleats and the cowl neck!

6 // Tickets to Hamilton on Broadway - If you haven't heard, Hamilton is pretty much the hottest ticket in town. Lin-Manuel Miranda's new master pieces blends hip-hop and history to tell the tale of the most bad-ass founding father, Alexander Hamilton, with a race-blind cast. "It's America then as told by America now." The critics are absolutely raving (x x x x)! I'd love to get tickets to see it after I move to NY. Learn more about it as it was covered in CBS Sunday Morning and CNBC.

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