Harper's Birthday Wishlist

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I'm turning 22 on Easter this year! I'm pretty excited because I love birthdays. Honestly, I love pretty much any occasion to make a day special and be extra ridiculous. Awards shows, holidays, fake holidays, even big sale weekends are really exciting to me. Because I'm a ridiculous girl, and I like to do ridiculous things. In fact, my little brother (from-another-mother) and I are having a joint birthday party with costumes because we both love dressing up!

1 // Once on DVD - I literally have no excuse as to why I do not have this on DVD. I need this so badly. I love the film, I love the music, and I love the musical. I mean honestly, I think everyone should see this film and see it on stage if they ever have the chance-- it's absolutely phenomenal. I need it in my DVD collection immediately.

2 // LSP Sweet Eyes Cardigan - Cute 3/4 sleeve sweaters are the best. Plus, I think we could all use more LSP in our lives. We do, in fact, want those lumps.

3 // Glitterbug by The Wombats - If you've been clicking through to my songs for the weekend in the weekend links posts I do, you've probably noticed that I really love the new stuff The Wombats have been coming out with. I'm really excited for this new album, and it's being released so close to my birthday!

4 // Ginger Breadhouse - While ya'll know I am a huge fan of Monster High dolls, I've also had my eye on Ever After High. I love the webseries and mini movies, but I'm not as crazy about the dolls as I am about the Monster High doll line. The one exception is Ginger, because she is so unbelievably cute. I think magical-candy-princess-witch-entrepreneur is like, pretty much my aesthetic, and that's exactly who Ginger is-- She's the daughter of the evil candy witch in the Hansel and Gretel story, but all she wants to do is have a baking business!

5 // Storytelling Showstopper Dress in Goldenrod - Goldenrod and mustard-y colors are great. I feel like this dress would be great in almost all the seasons-- it's a little too warm for summer. I like where the waist falls and all the design aspects like the pleats and the cowl neck!

6 // Tickets to Hamilton on Broadway - If you haven't heard, Hamilton is pretty much the hottest ticket in town. Lin-Manuel Miranda's new master pieces blends hip-hop and history to tell the tale of the most bad-ass founding father, Alexander Hamilton, with a race-blind cast. "It's America then as told by America now." The critics are absolutely raving (x x x x)! I'd love to get tickets to see it after I move to NY. Learn more about it as it was covered in CBS Sunday Morning and CNBC.

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  1. I LOVE the LSP cardigan so cute! I hope you have a wonderful birthday :)

  2. Thanks Melissa! I've been lusting after that LSP cardigan for AGES!

  3. I've been eyeing that LSP cardigan for a while too! It's so perfect! and Purple!!!
    And I like Ginger too! Her style is so fun, and I love her candy glasses!

    This is the first time I've heard about Hamilton, but OMG! This sounds amazing!!!

  4. The LSP cardigan is probably like, the pinnacle of geek girl fashion design. Probably.

    If I wasn't so naturally inept at wearing glasses, I'd totally rock Ginger's glasses. SO CUTE!!

    Omg, like please obsess over Hamilton, because it is well-worth it. People are saying it's redefining musicals and historical theater. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a GENIUS and if I don't see this show, I will probably feel inadequate for the rest of my life tbh.

    -- Harper