#OddHoneySwap: MAY SIGN-UPS!

Hello everyone! You may remember that I've got a fun little snail-mail swap going on called the Odd Honey Swap! Every odd month, people who sign up send out a package to their new pen-pal who they've been talking to over the course of the preceding month. Wanna learn more about joining this super-fun snail-mail swap? It's pretty simple!

How does it work?

  • Sign up by filling out this form!
  • Wait for me to email you with your partner's info.
  • Chat it up with your swap partner over email!
  • Put together a package for your swap partner based on the current odd honey prompt: BLOOM!
  • Send it out to your partner by the deadline, May 9!
  • Wait for your goodies in the mail.
  • Enjoy & share photos on twitter and instagram using the hashtag #oddhoneyswap

May's Theme: BLOOM!

This month's theme is all about spring's flower power and harnessing it into your own growth and blossoming of potential. What makes you feel happy? What fulfills you? What gives you a sense of purpose? How do you keep up your momentum? How can you work to be a better, more positive person? What makes you laugh? These are the kinds of things you and your new buddy will broach over the course of this month!

Send at least one item for each of the 5 prompts:

  • motivation
  • positivity
  • growth
  • sunshine
  • fun

Some ideas

♥︎ a mini-book of motivational quotes ♥︎ a mini board game ♥︎ a deck of cards ♥︎ a letter explaining how you got through a hard time ♥︎ a list of your favorite jokes ♥︎ a list of fun online games ♥︎ stickers with affirmations ♥︎ a reading list of self-help books ♥︎ some cozy bath products ♥︎ balloons ♥︎ a drawing ♥︎ poetry ♥︎ glow sticks ♥︎ a notebook with a positive message in it ♥︎ glitter ♥︎ a bunch of cat pictures with study motivation on them ♥︎ a squishy toy ♥︎ 


Here are the ground rules.
  • There's a $20 limit (excluding shipping) on packages.
  • This swap is open internationally, and swappers in the US may choose whether or not they want to swap internationally. Higher postage rates, but you get to make a friend from another country!
  • Everyone gets one swap partner and you guys are mutual swaps, meaning you have each other :)
  • Be respectful of allergies and other restrictions.
  • Send your package out on time!
  • Be sure to use the proper amount of postage.
  • If for any reason you can't follow through on the swap, contact both me and your partner immediately!
  • You have to sign up for each swap separately since most people can't commit to multiple swaps at once. 


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