Philly Recap: Brunch at Sabrina's Cafe

Over Spring Break I went to Philadelphia! It was still really cold and snowy, so it wasn't exactly a warm spot to spend Spring Break, but no one exactly visits Philadelphia to hang out in a bikini, am I right?

While I was there I was looking up Brunch places and I found a really cool spot called Sabrina's Cafe. They have four locations, and I visited the one near Drexel, since the cab ride was shorter and i assumed the lines would be less ridiculous given that I was up early on a Saturday morning-- not exactly the go-to routine of most college students. Sabrina's has a lot of really great reviews for being delicious and also different, putting twists on classics that you might not expect.

I didn't encounter this in my cursory research (can you blame a hungry girl?) but the brunch there is actually Community-themed!

I like, actually freaked out! So many references! So much flavor! I ended up getting the SeƱor Chang's Mexi Especial, sans pico de gallo because uncooked cilantro makes me a little loopy.

It was SO GOOD! There's chorizo and cajun shrimp in that bad-boy! They had Texas Pete's hot sauce on hand too-- so good!

If you're ever in Philly, I definitely recommend Sabrina's Cafe!


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