Philly Recap: Disney Florals

Over Spring Break I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show-- and it was just as amazing as I had heard. This year the theme was movies, with specific emphasis on Disney! Today I'm doing a photo dump of all the Disney-themed florals at the show! I am a Disney dork so I was really excited to see the films reinterpreted as floral displays. I'm kind of a sucker for flowers, too, so this was a dream come true.

Naturally with the new live-action Cinderella coming out, Cinderella got a massive display. Side note: I'm wondering how Disney plans on managing so many doubles of titles. Right now it's Cinderella, and upcoming plans for Beauty and the Beast and Dumbo. They've done it before with lesser known titles, but the princess films are ubiquitous! Even at least Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland involved a new story. I'm curious as to how it handles all this.

Here's some more details of the Cinderella display.

And there's the centerpiece, the glass slipper!

This is part of the animated Cinderella display. I wasn't able to capture the whole thing due to the crowds, but it also included a staircase made of flowers and a slipper left on it.

The Aladdin display, which obviously was more of a Jasmine display since this part of the showcase was all about Disney Princesses, featured a magic carpet made of flowers!

If you could change yer fate, wouldyeh? This is the Brave display featuring Merida's signature color and archery motifs! The decision not to include a bear or embroidery-themed elements makes me a little sad though. I wonder if the artist watched the movie, or if the thought no one else did. Brave is a super underrated movie by the way. Go watch it, and go into it for the mother-daughter tale. It was really heavily marketed as like, a Celtic Mulan or something, and I think it lead to a lot of audience criticism because of the unmet expectations.

This is a Snow White display! It has seven hanging wreaths which I think symbolize the dwarves. There's the poison apple in the middle and I think the long apparatus is representative of Snow White herself when she is put in the case/tomb/glass casket thing. It's a really interesting interpretation, attaching the beaded lengths  to create cones reminiscent of the dwarves hats. I also like the use of negative space and floating-- what's more magical than floating flowers?

The Beauty and the Beast display is another great interpretation of the work. Books are a key element in the story, with Belle being a bookish girl which makes her "weird" and the beast/Prince Adam gives Belle a library in what was the pinnacle of romantic gestures throughout my childhood. the vines and wildness of some of the features represents the rundown castle and the untamedness of the beast's emotions. The rose in the center is of course the magic rose that bears the curse set upon the castle.

This display is all about Tiana from The Princess and the Frog-- another underrated Disney film! It's set in New Orleans and the surrounding Bayou. The art in this film makes a point of showing how beautiful a swamp can be, and I think this display really nails that idea. I wish I knew what the black panel was depicting-- I couldn't figure it out exactly, but shadows are an important motif in the film, and I think it also adds dimension.

Frozen was a massive blockbuster and unlocked a level of merchandising yet unknown to the world (which I'm actually kinda salty about because Princess and the Frog, Wreck It Ralph, and Lilo and Stitch were all better) so of course there was an immense Frozen display. It's not totally undeserved though, as the short Frozen Fever accompanied the new Cinderella in theaters, a Frozen Broadway-musical is in the works, and a Frozen 2 has been announced.

This is the Mulan display! For this one they incorporated more elements of Eastern floral design, using balance between grouping and lines.

This one's not actually Disney, but it was part of the Flower Show's Disney + Movies theme, and this interpretation of the Wizard of Oz was too good to pass up.

At the Flower Show you could even buy movie-inspired bouquets to arrange on your own!

Maybe I'll do a movie inspired floral arrangement some time. I had tons of fun at the Flower Show, and there are more pictures to come!

What were your favorite displays? Which movie would you like to honor in flower-form?



  1. I like the Frozen, Princess and the Frog, and, Oz floral motifs! I love seeing all of them though, as I like seeing the influence of the movies, in the flowers! It's great to see people be creative in such a unique way!

    PS: While I fully enjoyed Frozen, I agree: it was not Disney's best. However, they REALLY got their marketing team behind this one (which I agree was a shame since Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Wreck-It Ralph were leaps and bounds better as far as story-telling, style, and, musically-themed-elements).

  2. I got to shake Cree Summer's hand this past summer...and I burst into tears! I was at SDCC's Black Panel, and she and Phil LaMarr are two of my voice acting HEROES!!! It was so cool to see them, and tell them what their work meant to me (voice acting is still my dream job)! I was literally in awe of her, and she greeted EVERY PERSON that talked to her after the panel!

    Also, that Friendzone piece was so moving! And the ARTicle by the Marvel colorist was super interesting, and, something I have always wondered in comics that are supposed to have characters of color.

  3. Man, the way their marketing makes decisions sometimes really shows tone-deafness on their part sometimes. It's like their creatives put together a beautiful story and then the marketing team just doesn't know how to sell it to the masses, and it's so disappointing because a lot of times its them underestimating the public. :/

  4. Cree Summer is a LEGENDDDDD. I totally recommend the book on voice acting that Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt published if you're really interested. ( )

    I really liked the piece on coloring. I read a lot about perspectives as a minority or female writers or artist, but I just don't hear a lot about what it's like as a minority colorist. It was really interesting and well done.

    The friendzone piece cut me SO DEEP when I first read it!

  5. It's not that little girls weren't interested either! I know kids loved Wreck it Ralph and Princess and the Frog (Disney DID market Tangled a lot better then those two though).

    I heard a lot of little kids in the Disney store ask for Tiana (I went to the store after the movie came out because I've been waiting for Tiana up until that point). But I heard and SAW parents say "well...let's get the doll with the pretty blonde hair" (despite their child being a brunette) or "let's stick to the dolls that look most like you".

    The latter of which would have been "O.K." (note "" marks) if for 26 years (at the time) I hadn't heard: "well, what does it matter if there's a princess that looks like you or not?" Or, "princesses can't be black" despite the historical inaccuracies of that.

    I felt bad for the little kids though because basically, in their parents carefully planned world of make believe for their child: a. there was no room for a black friend, and/or b. No black people were allowed. (Idk if they had Mulan, Jasmine, or, Pocahontas).

    And I won't even start on Disney Cultists-people who literally lose their sh*t when you bring up a negative aspect of Disney because they equate their enjoyment of it, to not allowong critical-thinking.

  6. Asides from Beauty and the Beast and Dumbo they are also doing The Jungle Book! I give it to Disney for the constant remakes (easy money!) I don't know how I would have handled this! They would have had to kick me out. Everything is so BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, flowers + Disney?! PERFECTION <3

  7. I really wish Disney had stuck to their guns about Tiana and supported her. And I wish certain disapproving parts of the black community gave her a shot too. I know people who refuse to watch or let their children watch the movie because Tiana is a frog most of the movie (Sleeping Beauty is ASLEEP most of the movie, as is Snow White [well maybe she's dead??]) or because Dr. Facilier practices Voodoo (which honestly, 1 he's a villain, I'm not about to be mad at all the female witch characters for being a negative female stereotype, and 2 has thematic relevance to the culture around New Orleans) and it's just so tragic because Tiana is a GREAT heroine and role model and the movie was such a refreshing story!

    I LOVE Disney, but I firmly believe if you love something, you critique it. How could it be even better? That's how we make more awesome stuff. Not by living and dying by the mouse.

  8. Besides the marketing, my major gripes with the PatF was: the music! OMG! I was so mad it wasn't Menken/Rice! I was hoping they'd pull more from the Disney holster. Not some Randy Newman junk (though, Dr. Facilier's song is the best...per protocol that villain songs are the best ones lol).

    I don't know any one who was against it for the Dr. Facilier reason (though i know my homeschooled niece and nephews aren't allowed to "watch" that scene--I am trying to help them not be like that though...God help me!--cause they are the epitomy of sheltered) but I've heard the frog thing. Which I get to an extant (based on my feelings of when someone says The Lion King was the black/African American Disney movie...despite the fact that you know...ANIMALS?!?! Not people) but I did think the character development was necessary and that greatly out weighed that. It's a great movie!

  9. I actually really like the music. I think it was very appropriate for the setting of the movie which is something that I think runs contrary to Menken/Rice. Randy Newman has done other movies like Toy Story and I like his work.

    Omg my thing with Lion King is that they just straight up AREN'T BLACK PEOPLE. Like what people want is not just something set in Africa, but about African people and/or their descendants!

    I honestly think that apart from like excessive sex and violence, kids should be able to watch whatever, and the important thing is to give them the tools to process them and pick them apart. Media literacy is the MOST important thing in my opinion, and as long as you can teach your kids to understand media and not just have everything sloshing around in their brains without any critical evaluation, they are the better off for taking in information.