Philly Recap: Touring the ExCITE Center

While in Philadelphia over Spring Break, my friends and I got a chance to check out the ExCITe Center at Drexel. It's a totally rad place where technology intersects with other disciplines it doesn't often get to work with, like music and fashion.

They are working on tons of cool stuff like redefining wearable technology, creating an app that totally transforms listening to a live orchestra, and the magnetic resonator piano!

Here's a video of my friend Lily playing around with it.

We learned a ton about the work being done at the ExCITe Center to further different fields, and to give back tot he community. There tends to be a focus on STEM in education that often forgets about the importance of the arts, not just in our everyday lives, but for our own intellectual development. It's when technology meets with more parts of our lives that really exciting things happen!

To learn more about the ExCITe Center, check it out online!


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