Spring Break Recap: Philly

I spent two days of my spring break on a road trip with friends to visit Philadelphia! I wanted to visit my gruncle's son's lab at Drexel (my gruncle is my grandfather-uncle, who is actually neither of those things, and is really my next door neighbor) and go to the Philadelphia Flower Show and Lily and Julian had friends at Drexel they wanted to visit. I've got so so many photos to dump on you guys, but I figured I'd break them into fewer posts so as to not overwhelm you. Today I'm giving you a quick recap of the cool things that happened in Philly!

I took this trip with my little brother, Julian, and our pal, Lily! We went by car and I drove like a quarter of it-- but I drove the most treacherous quarter of all-- the Virginia leg of the trip when layers and layers of ice coated the road! Virginia does not have it's business together when it comes to dealing with precipitation on the road. Seriously, the second we left Virginia the roads were fine. GET IT TOGETHER, VA.

Part one: The Drive

  • I fell on the way into Julian's car. Literally, I slipped on the ice. He barely missed it and it was like something out of a comedy TV show.
  • I drove very slow because of the ice-- good thing no one was on the road!
  • Lily was woken up several times on the drive by us driving over extremely icy roads and me saying "nope nope nope nope nope"
  • I cleaned the windshield with handwipes because it was so cold the squirty windshield fluid was gonna freeze on contact. That was a very unpleasant experience.
  • We listened to the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Next To Normal, because it's great and neither Lily nor Julian had experienced it. It was also a crucial part of my plan to drag Julian into the depths of musical fandom and destroy his emotions. Hooray for friendship! 
  • Successfully destroyed Lily and Julian and made them fans of Next to Normal. I think it was a bonding experience.

Part two: ExCITe Center at Drexel

  • Met Dr. Kim at the lab and it is so super cool it would blow your mind!
  • Julian and Lily and I were super energized even just by the design of the workspace which was developed to encourage collaboration and adapt to many different kinds of needs.
  • Lily got to play the Magnetic Resonance Piano-- more on that later-- and it was totally awesome. 
  • Youngmoo showed us the robots in the center, and they did the Chicken Dance and the YMCA for us.
  • We looks at the textile lab, where ExCITe was working with fashion designers and technologists to develop new innovations in wearables.
  • We learned about how ExCITe gives back to the community through education and service.
  • Then we went to Geno's Steaks for actual-factual Philly Cheesesteaks! They were DELICIOUS!

Part three: At the AirBnB

  • I'd never done AirBnB but I had a really great experience with it, and would totally do it again!
  • I played with cats! Exactly what was missing from my life. 
  • I fell asleep almost immediately-- I had been up since 3am and drove about 4 hours!
  • Watched all of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt when I woke up before any breakfast places were open.
  • Took a short walk.
  • Played with the cat more. I love cats!
  • Looked up a place to eat. I found one called Sabrina's Cafe.

Part four: In Town!

  • Little did I know this place had a Community-themed brunch! (Of course I ate that.)
  • Went to the Penn bookstore to wait until more stuff opened. Ended up doing some reading.
  • What did I read? One of the Avatar: The Last Airbender continuation comics, The Search, which is about Zuko looking for his mother. It pretty much devastated me emotionally. 
  • Did a little shopping. Went to this cute store called Hello World and bought a cute Hexagon Necklace.
  • Met up with Angela from the Newsies fandom. Broadway Fansies run deep. We had coffee!
  • Then it was off to the Flower Show!

Part five: The Flower Show!

  • I wore a succulent-covered t-shirt because I love theme-outfits and I love succulents!
  • I met Christina Milian (singer of "Dip It Low," "From AM to PM," and the Kim Possible theme song, "Call Me Beep Me." She was also in one of the Bring It On! movies) and she signed a bottle of her moscato line for me that I bought!
  • I made a terrarium! Ah! I love terrariums.
  • I lost my camera's lens cap-- oops! I replaced it already though :)
  • I saw so many Disney themed flower arrangements/pieces.
  • I saw a ton of other flowerwork designs that were not strictly Disney or movie themed.
  • I saw so many cacti and succulents.
  • I bought so many succulents. I am a sucker for succulents
  • I thought about buying some flowers, but I ultimately decided against it due to the long drive back down to Virginia.
  • I took a million pictures.

Part six: The Drive Home

  • Lily and Julian got really lost in the City-Center area when they tried to pick me up from the flower show-- apparently it was terrifying!
  • We got McDonalds on the way home. I showed everyone the photos I took at the Flower Show.
  • This time we listened to Heathers: The Musical. They were so into it. Yes, yes, follow me down the rabbit hole into contemporary musical fandom!
  • We immediately did most of the cast recording again, singing along. We also discussed the brilliance of the storytelling.
  • Julian took a nap beforehand, so we made it all the way home in one go! Our back-up plan was to sleep over at my house near DC.
  • The road ice melted, so we were all safe and sound.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos of my trip to Philly! How was your spring break?


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