Weekend Links 03.14.2015

My Spring Break is nearly over and I'm ending it on the sick side. I'm not sure if it's just my allergies acting up post-thaw or if I've got something else in my system, but the sinus issues are SERIOUS! I did some good re-centering this week and also did some serious job-hunting work. Anyway, here are your weekend links!

How to save crazy money this prom/wedding/graduation season with some patience at the thrift store!

Poem of the week: "Witch Hunt" by Arati Warrier

35 sites paying $100+ for articles.

I don't even care if you read the story-- this headline is a wild ride.

Death in the 20th Century! A beautiful infographic of how we died.

I did a #DearMe video to myself at age 6, a girl who thought she was an alien.

Welcome to the Board Game Renaissance!

Everyone needs to hear a little life advice from BeyoncĂ© on the regular, right?

A song for the weekend.


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