Weekend Links 03.28.2015

Today my brother and I are celebrating our birthdays! We're having a costume party because we both love dressing up. Dorky siblings forever! I also had fun with my youtube and worked on more job apps.

Stop devaluing femininity! How can we say we're telling girls they can be anything they want, if we won't let them be girly?

I had tons of fun with the #oddhoneyswap. Check out my unboxing video and learn about joining in on the next one!

Get ready to be pissed the hell off: fraternities are lobbying Congress to make it more difficult to report and get justice for on-campus rape.

Women are driving more box office sales and now Hollywood's gotta adapt.

It's Mean Girls-- as told by Kevin G. PS I have a huge crush on his character and the actor (now calligrapher) who played him.

Contemporary queer comic book artists you should know!



  1. Happy birthday! And I saw an article about women-driven movies as well and it's ABOUT TIME. I feel like we've always been driving sales, and people are just now paying attention.

  2. Thanks Olivia! And I know, I feel like we've been driving sales forever, but maybe people have just assumed that because male-driven films make money because men AND women watch them, rather than with female-driven films being avoided by men. Maybe that's why they thought it was all about men.

  3. Thanks Melissa! I had a ton of fun during the last one. It should be great this time around.

  4. It's so good! I highly recommend it :)