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It's 5 Fandom Friday again on harperhoney! Brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick! Today's #Fandom5 is all about Magical Items I'd love to own.

First thing's first, I'd totally love to just cure cancer. If I had a cancer-curing wand, I'd wave that thing like it was my job. In fact, it probably would be my job. But I don't so instead I'm raising money for the American Cancer Society which not only funds life-saving research, but provides free services for patients so they can focus on getting better. I'm trying to raise $100 by the end of today! If you'd like to help kick cancer's butt with me, consider donating to my campaign at main.acsevents.org/goto/HarperHoney

Donate $5 or more and I'll send you a handwritten Thank You card. Donate $10 or more and I'll also send you a doodle. Just email me a screengrab of your donation confirmation and your mailing address.

Anyway, let's get back to the fandom-y goodness.

Let's talk magical items set up in fandom-type universes. What would I want?

(via glass-is-always-half-full.tumblr.com / c/o Toei Animation)
Sailor Mars' Crystal Change Rod. It's no surprise to most people that I'm totally a Sailor Mars. And it makes sense as an Aries that I am so like Rei. If I were born into the Sailor Moon universe, I would 110% be Sailor Mars, no doubt. The Crystal Change Rod made Rei the most powerful version of Sailor Mars (although admittedly I liked the design of the Star Power Sticks better for carrying and pretending it was just another cute item I'd carry around at high school purposes).

Sailor Moon's Disguise Pen. This item wasn't a transformation wand that turned anyone into their Sailor Scout self, it was literally Usagi's pen that would magically transform her outfit and/or appearance. There are so many uses for this item even without being usable as a weapon. Not only did you have amazing disguises whenever, but you would never have to spend tons on cute outfits, you could just wear the same boring clothes but then disguise yourself into cuter clothes. And your cosplay game would be so on point!

(via the Star vs The Forces of Evil Wikia / c/o Disney)
Star Butterfly's Wand. First off, if ya'll aren't watching Star vs. The Forces of Evil and you like magical girls and supporting female creators, watch this show on Disney XD. Star Butterfly is a spastic magical princess who is easily excited and is kind of a mess and she's been sent to live on Earth with Marco Diaz aka "Safe Kid" (who by the way, is the cutest thing ever) who is actually very, very responsible and does karate. You'll love it, I promise. Back to business, I'd love to have Star's Wand even though it seems complicated because it's also totally adorable! Like, she'll just say a bunch of words and it'll usually do a rough job of making it happen. "Narwhal Blast!"

(via pastelm00n.tumblr.com / c/o CLAMP)
Clow Cards. (or Sakura / Star Cards) Cardcaptor Sakura was so important to my childhood. I'd love to have these cards to activate when I need the help of some magical element or power. I think I'd love Jump, Fly, and Sword particularly. I guess I'd also need a wand to activate them too.

Felix Felicis. I feel like no magical objects list is complete without the Felix Felicis potion from Harry Potter. Who wouldn't want to be crazy lucky for a little while? I mean, imagine: Feeling like Kanye and also having that feeling reflected in reality. That's the dream isn't it?

If you wanna make some actual-facts magic happen, donate to my campaign, pass it along, and get screened for cancer early and often depending on your family history and risk! Let's get to $100 by the end of today and help make more birthdays happen!


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