April To-Dos

April is an exciting month! It's when the weather really gets nice and warm. It's when the flowers wake up. It's when all the fun end of the year social events start happening. For me, it's also my birth month, so it feels like a whole new beginning!

Bake something delicious. Share a night of fun with friends by getting together to bake cookies or cupcakes! Or maybe just share the end result of a night by the oven's warm glow after the fact with your friends or coworkers. We could all use a pick me up, right?

Get tested. April is STD Testing month! It's really important to get tested regularly because STDs can spread even with just one exposure, and some can take months and even years to show symptoms. They can spread especially quickly in younger populations, which makes college campuses startlingly prone to outbreaks. Have as much sex as you want with whoever you want, but be responsible about it.

In addition, if you are someone who might have sex with women, or someone who might have sex with someone who might have sex with women, be sure to get the HPV shot. Lots of women have already gotten the vaccine that protects against certain ovarian cancer causing strains of HPV, but not nearly enough men have received it. You can still be a carrier and create more carriers even if you're a guy. Even if you're a gay guy! Do your part to help the community by being safe and responsible for your sexual activity.

Make more birthdays happen. Speaking of cancer, it sucks! It makes it so that not everyone can get to their birthday. The American Cancer Society funds research and provide free resources for patients and their families. They can give patients rides to treatments if they can't make it themselves. They have lodges where patients and caregivers can stay if they need to get treatment at a far from home cancer treatment center. Donate here and help me reach $100 in donations by April 10!

Get a pastel manicure. Springtime has arrived and it's a good opportunity to do your nails in some cute pastels or floral designs. It's also a good time to do your toenails in time for sandal season.

What's on your April to do list?



  1. How fun! My personal favorite on your list is the first one (because I love baking!). If I don't get around to *that* this month then I definitely will next month because I have a birthday coming! Also, I like that you make a point to mention that it's STD Testing Month! I have it marked on my calendar as well!

  2. Good to see that you are spreading the word of STD Testing Month I had no idea about it. I also think that pastel manicure would be so cute I think I'll do one. :)

  3. I've done my nails in pastel-toned GLITTER!

    Make sure to spread the word and encourage others to get tested-- we're all safer when each one of us knows their own status and adjusts accordingly.

  4. I'm going to see if I can do something nice for my professors this month in the form of a baked good.

    Be sure to encourage your friends to get tested as well! We're all better off when we take care of our health.

  5. I need to find a pastel shade for me! I'm looking for the perfect Icy Lavender!!

  6. Ooooh nice! I'm trying to be a bit more conventional about my nail polish purchases. Recently I've been all about the glitter, but I want some more basic colors.

  7. You rock for including STD testing! TMI sorry but I get tested every year, regardless of my "activity" per se, and I'm lucky to have parents that encourage and support that. And everyone should get the HPV shot! I got mine a long time ago, like in middle school, so I'm not up to date with the current regulations but are males getting them too now? Like, is that common now? I sure hope so!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  8. It's so important to get tested! I encourage everyone to make it a habit to do once or twice a year at least.

    Males are supposed to get it since they can carry the virus but not nearly enough do. I hear they are coming out with a new HPV shot so you should get the new one when it comes out. The old one only protects against 3 strains and the new one is supposed to cover 9!