Less Cancer, More Cake!

This is my final push. I'm trying to raise $100 for the American Cancer Society, which not only funds life-saving research, but provides free services for cancer patients and their loved ones so they can focus on getting better. 

If you want to do a good deed today, if you're looking for some good karma, if there's a prayer you want answered or a wish you want to manifest and you'd like to pay it forward with a little extra good output, now is your chance. Even as little as $2 can make a difference. 

I'm trying to raise $100 by April 10! That's this Friday! Please donate at main.acsevents.org/goto/HarperHoney and help someone in need get the treatment they deserve so that they can make it to their next birthday. We all need a little more cake in our lives. 

Donate $5 or more and I will send you a handwritten thank you card in the mail! 

$10 or more and I'll draw you something too! 

Just send a screencap of the thank you/confirmation you receive to my email at samantha.harper.y@gmail.com and give me your mailing address!

Please encourage your friends to donate, too! I'm only trying to reach $100! We can do this! 


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