weekend links 04.04.2015

This week has been full of ups and downs. I've had a bunch of projects due this week which is just... yikes. I'm teetering on the edge of stressed and excited. I hope to get a job soon, but only time will tell.

Poem of the week: "Rap Against Rape" by the BomBaebs! A female rap-duo from India tackles pervasive rape culture in a spoken word video.

Let's make more birthdays happen by helping cancer patients!

A TED Talk by Monica Lewinsky on the price of shame. Absolutely fantastic talk on cyberbullying and humiliation.

+ a companion piece on how posting positive comments actually stops abusive ones.

We all know about fashion dolls-- but what about adventure dolls? Ember is a doll oriented around having adventures first and foremost! (Side note: I'd like to point out that Monster High actually has really awesome storylines.) Get her funded and make this new kind of doll (that doesn't attempt to reduce girls to a body and force a normative body on them like Lamilly) a reality!

Brighten your May by signing up for the May #oddhoneyswap!

I'm way too excited about Zodiac Starforce, a new magical girl comic.

Speaking of comics, there are some amazing comic anthologies you can order/fund on Kickstarter that will help women and queer people take back the comic book industry!

Music Pick: The Wombats released a sampler of their upcoming album Glitterbug!


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