Weekend Links 04.11.2015

This week is busy busy busy. I have been trying to chill out but the oncoming prospect of graduation just keeps getting realer and realer and now my friends and I are trying to figure out our whole apartment hunting situation. Life is intense during transition periods, let me tell you.

A comedy writer talks about privilege, humor, screwing up, and becoming a better and funnier person in response to Patton Oswald's assertions that it's not cool to call people out since everyone screws up.

Orange Is The New Black character Lorna Morello shows you how to take a compliment.

Poem of the week: "Black Feminist" - Jillian Christmas

The 100 Best Books of the Decade so far.

An important reminder about legality v justice.

This vegan cruelty-free BB cream is everything I ever wanted.

Song for the weekend: "Be Your Shadow" - The Wombats


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