Mother's Day Gift Guide with TJ Maxx

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Mother's Day is coming up and there's still time to snag your mom a great gift! This year my mom took the guesswork out of it by buying herself something and having my sister and I pay in since she's pretty hard to buy for and she saw something she loved while on a cruise last week. If you're stilling looking for gifts, I've picked some contenders out from TJ Maxx's online store. As always, make sure to pair your gift with a nice, heartfelt card.

A cuddly blanket. My mom used to say my sister and I took the warmth out of her when we were born and now she generally runs cold, especially in her feet. This is a great blanket for cozying up on the couch and watching dramas on TV or iPad.

A gorgeous watch. This Swiss watch is a great accessory in the office or out on the town. It's got quality craftsmanship and tons of style. It's really elegant and a great addition to any wardrobe.

A portable power bank. If your mom is a lady on the go, this USB portable power bank might be the perfect gift. It's practical, giving your mom's device up to 120% more battery life. If she's frequently searching for a free outlet when she's out at meetings or on business trips, this is a great solution

A practical bag. This bag has shoulder straps and a crossbody strap, and has room to accommodate everything you might need. Neutral colors make this bag an easy choice on an every day level.

A cute photo frame. Get a photo frame that matches your mother's style, and maybe one of the rooms in her house, and snap in a photo of you guys. It's a simple, sentimental gift.

What are you getting your mother for Mother's Day?


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