Say good-bye to weekend links!

You all are probably familiar with my weekend links feature that runs (almost) every Saturday on the blog. From now on, I will no longer be running weekend links on this blog! I came to this decision after a long deliberation process, but ultimately decided this was the way to go.

When I ran my reader survey I got mixed responses about how people felt about the section. Some people loved it and wanted to keep it in! Others never bothered to actually check the links out at all, or preferred the section be once every other month. It was a pretty 50-50 split. I also rarely got comments on these posts, which gave me the impression people were skipping them.

In the end, I decided that the solution is to dissolve the section on my blog, and instead share all the cool articles, videos, etc. that I find with my audience through my facebook page. If you love the content that I normally share in my weekend links posts, have no fear-- like my page on facebook and hit "Follow" so you receive updates.


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