iLLA: A Hip Hop Musical Needs Your Support!

Ya'll probably know already that I'm a big fan of the musical as a storytelling vehicle. I post about musicals fairly frequently on social media, and I even review them on my blog. Today I'm talking about an upcoming musical that tells a story about clashing cultures, self-love, and ambition. It's called iLLA, and it's a hip hop musical.

I first heard about the show through my friend, LaVon Fisher-Wilson, who has been involved with some of the readings. I went to a little showcase of some of the songs and to learn more about the show, and I was very impressed with the performers and the material.
iLLA follows Robert, a classically trained dancer, who dreams of becoming a famous rap star. After suffering a humiliating defeat at a leading open mic competition Robert struggles to redeem himself in the eyes of his community. He falls hard for a girl named Stacy but his family’s prejudices threaten to tear them apart. Can Robert overcome his fears and troubled home life to achieve his Hip Hop dreams? It’s a journey of Swagger, Struggle and Self-love that we all must travel. Do you have what it takes to be iLLA?

This show blends genres like hip hop, R&B, gospel, and more to tell a story about a young man caught between worlds, struggling to find himself and love himself when others are trying to convince him of who he is and isn't.

I've heard some of the music, and it's really fantastic. I can't wait to attend the reading at the New York Musical Theater Festival (NYMF) in July. I really love supporting the arts, especially when it's in favor of stories that bring diversity to the industry and to the audience, and when the work widens the accessibility of the medium to more audiences. iLLA does both, with artistry and authenticity.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the talent and creatives involved with the show, and I can't tell you how excited I am to see this all come together. They are such a brilliant, fun cast, with a great story to tell. The work feels so real and honest-- There are times when people try to create a more accessible musical and it just come off gimmicky, or silly, or just doesn't feel well-crafted. This is not one of those half-baked musicals. This is the real deal. The music is so well written and even anthemic. This is such a cool project, I really hope it gets fully funded!

They are working on getting funded through Indiegogo. Support them by donating and sharing their campaign.

You can also follow them on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and soundcloud.

Learn more and support iLLA the Musical on Indiegogo and share their campaign! Let's get this funded!


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