Book Review: What Color Is Your Parachute?

Today I'm reviewing a book that has been very helpful in the job hunt for me, and many others! What Color is Your Parachute? is the number one job-hunting book in the world, and it's been provided to me for this review by Blogging For Books!

I had heard tons about What Color Is Your Parachute but this was the first time I had been able to read it. I actually read it all back in May when I received the book in the mail, but referred to it consistently throughout my job search. The core philosophy of the book is that there is a great job out there for you that you're the perfect fit for-- but you have to learn how to align your interests and goals with the job market. I love that this book focuses on figuring out who you are, because the truer to yourself you stay, the more happy and productive you'll be as an employee-- and that's the best kind of person for any job!

This book really goes step by step, from figuring out who you are, what your skills, temperament, and interests are suited for, all the way through to finding and landing a job. It includes many different sections for whatever your situation, whether you're a recent (or recent-ish) grad looking for gainful employment, to a service member transitioning back into civilian life, to someone who wants to change industries or professions completely and doesn't know how.

I love how easy to read this book is-- it's not dense or verbose or overly theoretical. This book speaks in plain, easy to understand language, and gives both high-level insights, as well as tactical, actionable tips that you can easily put into practice. It's very thorough, but because it's so well organized, it's easy to navigate. One section I reference often is the interviewing tips section-- I am generally a pretty good interviewee, but if I am nervous I tend to word vomit. Reading through the interviewing section helped me feel more prepared and calm before each interview, because I came into each one with a strong understanding of what I was going into.

Another thing I love about this book is that it's really honest about the job market today. It doesn't rely on scare tactics or rose-colored glasses to carry its points across. Even better, it really gives you a good overview of how to compete in the digital age, how to look better on google, and utilize social networks to your advantage.

I found this book really helpful in my job hunt, and I've taken a lot of the tips to heart, passed them along to friends, and helped them get further in their job searches as well! Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, or just looking to change directions, I highly recommend this book!

Harper's Rating: 5/5

Great insights on how to figure out who you are and what you want
Fabulous tips on how to be a competitive candidate
Helpful resources in the back of the book
Chapters dedicated to make referencing sections easy
Updated to match the market today
Easy to read and honest
Takes you through the entire process of getting a great new job/career
This book can't cover everything-- it covers a lot, but you might want to utilize industry-specific resources in addition to it. Luckily, the book also tells you how to find, and utilize other sources of information to help you in your job hunt!


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