October Wishlist

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It's October! Which is definitely one of my favorite months of the year. It's when Fall is at it's Fall-iest (a word I made up) and everything gets to a comfortable level of spooky (which is pretty spooky but not terrifying) so you could say I'm extremely jazzed! Here are some goodies I'm peepin' this month.

Halloween Stemless Wine Glasses - To me these are not a seasonal thing-- I would drink all year round because I'm magical as heck. These glasses are sassy and witchy, and those are two of my favorite things. Plus they look really easy to clean, which I like since I am only a moderately competent adult.

Majestic Gold Metallic Unicorn Zipper Clutch - Magical. As. Heck. A lot of my friends having been collabing with Sent From Mars and I gotta say I'm glad they are putting this Etsy store on my radar! They sell a bunch of really geeky designs from Star Wars to The Legend of Zelda, so def check them out for your Halloweenie or everyday geek looks!

Halloween Skeletal Salad Servers - Okay, so Target technically lists these as "skull salad servers" but to me that is just dumb because skull = head ≠ arms, am I right? (Of course I'm right.) So I have listed them here as skeletal salad servers. I really really want these, impracticality be damned. I would also use these year-round. If I didn't have such a minuscule kitchen that I share with 3 other people, I would buy these immediately. Not only would they be great as serving utensils, but they would be really cool props for other things. Or to carry as a weapon in my purse since New York has outlawed civilians buying collapsible combat batons. You can't outlaw Halloween serving utensils! (Probably.)

Youtube Video Planner (Pre-Order) - Soon to be not-just-pre-order from my pal Mo at Mo Explores. She is a planner nerd and a youtuber so of course she's come out with this handy-dandy youtube video planner. I still need to order mine (my budgeting was not as on point this pay cycle, thanks to the Broadway Flea Market) so I gotta wait until my next paycheck.

BareMinerals Round The Clock Eyeliner - I talk about this in my Sept Faves Video-- I currently have it in 4am, a bright, electric blue! And while I love the product, I definitely need it in a more accessible color. Namely, black, or Midnight as it's named in this line, since I do not wear bright blue eyeliner on the regular.

What's on your Wishlist this month?


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