Black Friday Prep: Your Guide

It's that time of year again: Black Friday Prep. I'm one of those people who is big on Black Friday because I love a good sale, and this is the mother of all sales. It also helps that for me, Black Friday is a family affair that my sister and parents love as much as I do! (Well, almost as much.)

I've created a long-loved series of posts on exactly how to tackle this beast.

Step 1: Make your Lists (and check them twice).

Step 2: Plan your Outfit for maximum efficiency.

Step 3: Put together your Game Plan to help get the most out of your time.

Step 4: Pack your kit so you don't go out unprepared.

I'll be coming out with more Black Friday content for those of you fellow shoppers.  Don't miss it!

What tips for Black Friday are you looking for?


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