November Wishlist

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November is upon us! I'm a little scared of the impending winter since moving from DC to New York, but I'm sure I'll make it through. I'm very excited to go home for Thanksgiving and also for Black Friday-- I'm sure I'll snag some great deals!

Starbucks Gift Cards - As the chill picks up, I'm all about hot drinks. The ubiquitousness of Starbucks in the city, the convenience of loading up and paying for drinks with the Starbucks app (and earning rewards!) all adds to the temptation towards the Salted Caramel Latte! It's my favorite drink this season. Starbucks Gift Cards can get loaded into your Starbucks app for easy payment, and you can even gift them digitally. They're a nice little pick me up!

Holiday Cards by Minted - One of the things that I have really looked forward to about adulthood is the Holiday Cards (and Holiday decorations, but I don't think I'm there yet in terms of space and disposable income). I'm not a religious person, but something about that dependable once-a-year update from a friend, coworker, or family member, no matter how far flung, wishing a better new year ahead and a magical end to this year is something that I find very comforting, joyful, and symbolic of adulthood. Now that I'm out of school, I'm trying to determine what traditions and benchmarks are important for me moving forward, and sending out holiday cards seems like a really good one. I really love the designs from Minted, and you can filter by holiday, business-y or not, photo-y or not, etc. Buy through this link and you get $25 off your order!

Alice in Wonderland Latte Mug - As of right now, I'm mugless. I wanna fix that, just in time for hot drink weather! I'm planning on keeping this mug at work for my daily coffee. The design is just so pretty and Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite franchises for its visual motifs! This mug is really cute, and there is a similar Stitch mug, and I also really want the Art of Jasmine set as well, which you may remember last month.

Fantasyland 8" Plate - I've also been updating my dishware. I've decided it's time to upgrade from the Target plastic dishes I've had since college. I think having these plates will be a wonderful way do add a little more magic to my apartment, and will also make me more motivated to cook at home! There are matching sets of these for Adventureland, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland as well, which are all part of the Magic Kingdom in DisneyWorld!

Vanellope Von Schweetz / Wreck-It Ralph Ears - I love the movie Wreck It Ralph and there just isn't enough merch of it out. I'd love to see more, especially since the Sugar Rush aesthetic is SO great! I bought my first set of ears when I went to Disneyland this summer and I think I want to start a small, heavily curated collection of them, both official and not. This set of ears is from an Etsy store called We've Got Ears!

Don't forget to check out my video of everything I loved in October!


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