Star Wars x Love and Madness Giveaway

Grand Prize Pack!
I'm giving away prizes to three (THREE!) winners in anticipation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will hit theaters on December 18th. I've partnered with a totally awesome brand called Love and Madness that creates geeky accessories for ladies who feel that geekdom, badassery, and femininity should come together in rad pieces. They work with Disney, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and there are more on the way! They're an all-female run business (#whoruntheworld) and I love talking about them!

Necklaces by Love and Madness
Things that are cool: epic battles between good and evil; space travel; aliens; fight scenes. Things that are not cool: gatekeepers of fandom trying to tell you you're not the right kind of fan. Girls and women have often been kept out of geekery-- from science and math to Star Wars and video games. We grew up getting told the these things weren't for girls, or maybe the more subtle "wouldn't you rather do something else?" I think fewer girls are growing up hear that kind of stuff today, but it still happens a lot. We have a right to consume and enjoy things and explore and express that enthusiasm however we see fit! And that includes anything from fanfiction to buying awesome merchandise and wearing fandom-y outfits. That's why I love supporting businesses that not only totally get why I love certain movies and TV Shows, but also aren't afraid to cater to women. We like geeky stuff too! We shouldn't be forced to choose between geeky and feminine, and the geeky, girly stuff that's out there shouldn't be shoddily-crafted!

I know tons of you guys feel the same way, and tons of you guys also love Star Wars (or know someone who does) so I'm giving away some totally rad pieces from Love and Madness' Star Wars collection. The giveaway will run through Sunday, November 29th so get your entries in before time runs out. Let's get into our fabulous prizes!

Metallic Star Wars Flash Tattoos by Love and Madness
One winner will get a metallic zipper pouch filled with awesome Star Wars goodies including a Love and Madness x Star Wars necklace and a Love and Madness x Star Wars metallic flash tattoo set along with some Covergirl Limited Edition Star Wars Lipcolor!


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