Philly Recap: Brunch at Sabrina's Cafe

Over Spring Break I went to Philadelphia! It was still really cold and snowy, so it wasn't exactly a warm spot to spend Spring Break, but no one exactly visits Philadelphia to hang out in a bikini, am I right?

While I was there I was looking up Brunch places and I found a really cool spot called Sabrina's Cafe. They have four locations, and I visited the one near Drexel, since the cab ride was shorter and i assumed the lines would be less ridiculous given that I was up early on a Saturday morning-- not exactly the go-to routine of most college students. Sabrina's has a lot of really great reviews for being delicious and also different, putting twists on classics that you might not expect.

I didn't encounter this in my cursory research (can you blame a hungry girl?) but the brunch there is actually Community-themed!

I like, actually freaked out! So many references! So much flavor! I ended up getting the SeƱor Chang's Mexi Especial, sans pico de gallo because uncooked cilantro makes me a little loopy.

It was SO GOOD! There's chorizo and cajun shrimp in that bad-boy! They had Texas Pete's hot sauce on hand too-- so good!

If you're ever in Philly, I definitely recommend Sabrina's Cafe!

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Philly Recap: Disney Florals

Over Spring Break I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show-- and it was just as amazing as I had heard. This year the theme was movies, with specific emphasis on Disney! Today I'm doing a photo dump of all the Disney-themed florals at the show! I am a Disney dork so I was really excited to see the films reinterpreted as floral displays. I'm kind of a sucker for flowers, too, so this was a dream come true.

Naturally with the new live-action Cinderella coming out, Cinderella got a massive display. Side note: I'm wondering how Disney plans on managing so many doubles of titles. Right now it's Cinderella, and upcoming plans for Beauty and the Beast and Dumbo. They've done it before with lesser known titles, but the princess films are ubiquitous! Even at least Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland involved a new story. I'm curious as to how it handles all this.

Here's some more details of the Cinderella display.

And there's the centerpiece, the glass slipper!

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Philly Recap: Touring the ExCITE Center

While in Philadelphia over Spring Break, my friends and I got a chance to check out the ExCITe Center at Drexel. It's a totally rad place where technology intersects with other disciplines it doesn't often get to work with, like music and fashion.

They are working on tons of cool stuff like redefining wearable technology, creating an app that totally transforms listening to a live orchestra, and the magnetic resonator piano!

Here's a video of my friend Lily playing around with it.

We learned a ton about the work being done at the ExCITe Center to further different fields, and to give back tot he community. There tends to be a focus on STEM in education that often forgets about the importance of the arts, not just in our everyday lives, but for our own intellectual development. It's when technology meets with more parts of our lives that really exciting things happen!

To learn more about the ExCITe Center, check it out online!

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