UNBOXING Dokibook and Yellow Paper House

One reason why I'm so excited for this year is because I feel like I'm finally getting my life in order, and my bullet journal is really helping with that. It was introduced to me by Mia, and is essentially just a super flexible planning and journaling system. I've been bullet journaling for the past month and I'm seriously loving having a system that is so easy to update as my needs change.

Bullet Journaling can be done in any notebook and is a system of simple symbols used to log daily goals/tasks, notes, etc., migrating info as necessary and indexing "collections" and other pages that may need to be referenced later. Here's a video overview from the Bullet Journal website. It's super easy to customize and get creative with.

This is a great system if you love lists and are constantly looking for ways to visualize all your thoughts and concerns.

Moving forward I'll be blogging, vlogging, and instagramming my planner, so feel free to follow me to keep up with my adventures in planning!

Here's my unboxing video of my Dokibook and Yellow Paper House papers which make up the bulk of my Bullet Journal.

PASTEL Set (A5, Grid)
A5 Planner Paper (Ivory, Grid)


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