March Wishlist

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It's been a while but I'm back doing my Monthly Wishlist! This month I'm looking forward to warmer weather and seeing my sister and brother when they come to visit me over their Spring Breaks. They are super precious and awesome and since I moved out of Virginia I don't see them enough.

Jackery Titan Premium Travel Charger - Currently on sale, I placed my order for this already. Every once in a while I'll head out of the house with a less than ideal battery situation. If my battery gets too low, I'll head home and while that's definitely the right choice for me, a phone addict with slight paranoia which is heightened by being a woman and living in NYC, I would prefer to just charge my phone up and get on with whatever I've got going on. I'd rather live by my own terms rather than my phone's battery, you know? So I'm really excited to get this battery pack which has a great amount of charge in it.

Art of Pixar 100 Postcard Set - As a snail mail enthusiast and a Disney and Pixar fan, I love these postcard sets. Some I send, and some I just keep as collectible art. My good friend Emily got me the Golden Age of Disney Set and I really want more!

Crush Delivery Card Set - Valentine's Day is over, but my need for cute stationery knows no season. These cards are super cute and a really sweet thing to send to a significant other, friend, family member, or other people in your life you care about. They are low-key enough to not have romantic overtones and they are absolutely adorable.

The Incredibles Edna Mode Fashion Mag Tee - Edna Mode is one of my favorite Disney Characters (I'm hoping she returns in The Incredibles 2!!) and this t-shirt is too perfect for words. I tried to buy it over Black Friday but my size was out of stock. Maybe my time is here!

Tickets to the Philadelphia Flower Show - I'm really excited to be going to this again! I went last year and I had such a great time. My sister, parents, and grandparents are all coming with me this year and I am so happy that they'll be joining me. I went by myself last year which was still fun, but my family is BIG into flowers, especially my grandmother, who is ill, but wanted to come anyway! I think it will just be a really nice time to spend together as a family. Plus, I'm planning on buying a succulent for my desk at work!

That's it for wishes this month. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube and catch my February Faves video!


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