DIY Succulents in a Mug

It is no secret to most of you guys that I really like pretty plants. I'm not an outdoorsy sort of person, but I love bringing in the natural energy and life of plants into indoor spaces. That's why I'm so excited to do my first ever DIY video + blog post about how to make a super cute planter arrangement of succulents in a mug.

You can watch the video here, or scroll on for a written version of the instructions!

Here are the supplies you will need:

Let's get started!

Lay down some newspaper. This project will get messy. I recommend more than one layer, since this project involves soil that might still be moist!

If you have a ceramic drill, drill a hole in your mug. I happen to be one of the few schmucks in the world without a ceramic drill (sarcasm), but if you have one, go ahead and drill a hole in the bottom. Water can pool in the bottom of a closed container and grow gross stuff that could hurt your plant baby. Old water = mold water.

Place glass gems/beads/marbles into the bottom of the mugs. Fill the mug about a third (1/3) of the way up. The large size of these beads will help create a distinct, separate layer for any excess water that it separate from the root system.

Layer in charcoal and diatomite. The charcoal will help keep any mold or bacteria at bay and the diatomite adds more rock to the mixture. Be sure to leave space for the roots of your succulents-- do not over-fill the mug!

Put your succulent in the mug. Slide it out of the container it is currently in gently. Make sure to gently massage the root system to loosen the soil and roots in preparation for its new container. Pull off any dead pieces-- think of this like exfoliating! Place this and any additional succulents in the pot with a little extra wiggle room.

Fill the wiggle room! Take any soil that was shaken loose during your "succulent massage" (giggles) and use it to fill in the gaps between the plants. Press the soil down to firm it up, but don't press hard-- you are tucking your buddy in, NOT smooshing their roots to death.

Place some additional diatomite on top. This gives it a nice, deserty feel and helps your planter look a little more finished.

Embellish with a crystal. Because lets be real, crystals are magic. I love the contrast of a shiny rock with fleshy, waxy plants!

Wipe off your mug. It's probably dirty from all that literal dirt you were flinging.

Add your monogram embellishment to the handle. Optional, but fancy.

You did it!

Some notes to remember:

  • Only water your succulent twice a month. They don't need a ton of water. 
  • Never give a small plant more than an extra inch in any direction when you re-pot them. Otherwise they will have too much soil, which retains moisture, and you run the risk of overwatering them MUCH quicker.
  • Plants need sun. Put them by a window sill whenever you get the chance, or get them a plant light. 
  • You are always better off with a planter with a drainage hole-- but don't forget to put a little saucer underneath to catch the excess water or you can risk damaging furniture. 


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