May Wishlist 2017 PlannerI just ordered the new large planner in blonde marble for work! It starts in August, and my current work planner ends in June, so July is probably gonna be rough, but I'm still very excited to have my first planner. I've been wanting something larger and more hefty for a while since my current work planner only allows enough space for due dates and major events, rather than more detailed breakdowns of work.

Tokyomilk Dark, Tainted Love No. 62 from the Femme Fatale Collection. Liz from Fake Goth Girls introduced me to this and now I can't stop thinking about it. The goth as hell packaging. The name inspired by one of my favorite songs. The Vanilla, Orchid, and Sandalwood notes. I'm feeling it for when I want to feel and smell like a powerful, sophisticated, goal assassin. #slay

Candy Ass by Hiya Tootsie. Am I just in a perfumey mood? Probably. Heather from Hiya Tootsie makes this perfume that smells like chocolate, peppermint, and cupcakes and considering that being a candy witch is one of my top aesthetic/identity goals, I'm feeling like I definitely need this. I'll probably wait on ordering till after I move though-- I'm trying to minimize the amount of fragile things I need to relocate to wherever I end up.

Cinderella (1997). This Cinderella was deeply formative for me. We still have it on VHS at my parents house but I need a copy I could watch myself. As a little Asian American girl of immigrant parents, there is not enough room in this little blurb to explain how much this meant to me. Growing up hearing my grandparents and parents often refer to white people as "Americans" (which they don't anymore) made me feel like I wasn't American, but I hardly felt Asian, not knowing my parent's mother tongue, never having been to the country and feeling little connection to it. What does it mean to be an Asian American when I felt neither truly Asian nor American? This was the film that, through its race-blind casting, showed me that I could succeed outside of the lines I felt had been drawn for me. It was the first time I had seen an Asian actor playing a leading role that had nothing to do with being from Asia, or knowing martial arts, and succeeding in it. I could succeed in contexts outside of just "Asian roles" that I felt I neither desirous of, nor qualified for. On top of that, the Whitney-fication of the music, and the sets and costumes were everything to me. It's finally back in stock and I'm going to get mine!

Monster High Venus McFlytrap Chase Vinyl Figure. Still on the hunt for this little babe-- and I have been for over a year now. Supposedly they are available in Target stores for $10 but she is highly elusive, and I am considering just snagging her after I move and get my finances in a more stable place. Gosh I can't wait to have my own space to fill with all kinds of ridiculous things that bring me joy.


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