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Oh lord, y'all. Between Mother's Day, two birthdays, and just stuff I wanted real bad, I dropped some serious cash this past month at Sephora. Honestly, thank goodness I finally opened a VIB account with them for these purchases. For the past... ever... I've been dialing in my sister's number so that she could get points off my purchases since she loves make up so much. (Sorry, Squish, I gotta take care of me now.)

Anyway, I thought I'd show you what I got, why I got it, and in some cases, how I'm liking the products!

Disney Minnie Beauty: Minnie's Inner Glow Luminizing Blush. I got this for Lisa from Lady Code. It's her birthday this week and she's a big Disney lover, so I grabbed this for her. It's a coral-y color, good for the summer, and is mostly a luminizer with gold glow!

Disney Minnie Beauty: Minnie-ature Cream Lip Stain Set. It's no secret that I love a good bold lip. I saw this set at Sephora and was intrigued by the colors, the fact that it was a stain set (since I've been eyeing lip stains more seriously recently) and of course, the Disney of it all. I'm really happy with this-- check out my first impressions video about it!

MILK Lip + Cheek. I'm running out of my drugstore stick blush and they are discontinuing it, so I needed to get my hands on a new one. I had heard a lot of chatter about this brand and decided this was the perfect time to try it out! This is the Milk Lip + Cheek stick, which you can use on either your lips or your cheeks-- it's got a dewy finish and I like it a lot! I'm using the color Rally, which is a Mauve color that really works to balance out the yellow tones in my face.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. Tried this out for the first time a few months ago and loved it. This was my first setting spray but I really loved the amount of hold it had. Repurchase!

Sephora Masks. My mother loves a good skin care product, so I sent here these in addition to some other goodies for Mother's Day. If you have a loved one who lives far away, I really recommend finding little things to send them that can be sent in a flat bubble envelope. Flat items are much cheaper to ship than boxes, which means you can put more money toward the gifts you send that might have other wise gone into shipping costs.

Urban Decay Lipsticks. Urban Decay is apparently liquidating their Lipsticks at Sephora which may mean new formulations. They are now running for less than the price of a Sephora Collection lipstick and you should get your faves while you can. I'd never indulged in these lipsticks before, but I am loving them now that I have them at half price!

Tokyomilk Dark Perfumes. I bought some fragrances by Tokyomilk, which I had mentioned in my wishlist. One was for me, and one was for my friend Julia, of The Gothic Library, who is also celebrating a birthday! I bought myself Tainted Love, and Bulletproof for Julia. It seemed like a great gift for a sophisticated goth lady like herself.

Marc Jacobs Mini Lipstick and Eyeliner Duo. This was my gift from Sephora for my birth month! I have a weird relationship with Marc Jacobs in that I think he has really high quality products while also thinking he's kind of a massive creep. Some designers seek to elevate and celebrate women with their work and Marc Jacobs often objectifies and sexualizes really young-looking, nearly-dead-looking women in a way that just kinda creeps me out. It's not an opinion everyone will agree with, but I think being creeped out by something is a really subjective, gut-level thing so I'm okay with that. Anyway, normally I think I'd be really conflicted about purchasing his products (the price not withstanding) but since this was a freebie, and the other option was yet another mask when I'm trying to use my current ones up, I decided I'd go for it. I haven't tried either product in this mini duo yet though.

Anyway, that's the sum of my haul! Don't forget to watch my latest video where I try out the Minnie Mouse Lipstains.

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